SHOW # 1826 NOVEMBER 13 2013

I was never the hot or popular guy in high school (or subsequently), but like all schools, someone was.  Same is true among women, of course.  There was always the super- hot girl with the big boobs that every guy wanted to be with.  If you're like most people, the immediate assumption is that he or she was a bitch or a douche... and in many cases they were, sometimes not.  Either way, they all have one thing in common; the rest of us can't help but wonder whatever happened to them.  Thanks to things like Facebook and gossip in general, most of us can find out.  Inspired by a little something we read on and our own curiosity, we wanted to know:  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOTTIE FROM HIGH SCHOOL... AND ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT IT?
She got fat and has a "ton" of kids
Saw his hottie at their ten- year reunion... both of them had been married and divorced... they're currently living together
The female hottie is currently homeless and strung out on drugs... the popular guy from high school was a body guard for Brittney Spears and the Jonas Bothers
The hot girl from high school continues to get hotter... and it drives him crazy
Married his high school hottie right out of school... got divorced 10 DAYS later.  They bumped into each other at the 30- year reunion and she STILL looks good
Ran into the high school hottie at a bar... she'd GAINED 200 pounds and had 3 kids... so he took her home and had sex with her anyway
He dated the high school hottie for a little while, but she dumped him for the school quarterback... fast- forward 20 years; she works at a strip club... but still looks decent
She now works in the porn industry
So, today is my daughter's 3rd birthday.  I can't believe that sh*t.  She's beautiful and has been an incredible joy... but seriously, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins are a pain to watch.  Hate those f**king shows.  The worst part is that I find myself singing their theme songs... and not on purpose!  Anyway, Happy Birthday, Bug. 
OK bitches, the sap is done and I'm outta here to 'enjoy' some kid- friendly pizza... and I couldn't be happier... but don't tell anyone.
Until tomorrow, it's a hot dog day, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/13/2013 5:12PM
SHOW # 1826 NOVEMBER 13 2013
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