SHOW # 1827 NOVEMBER 14 2013

Do you recognize the name Rob Ford?  Rob is the embattled mayor of Toronto who is currently going through a PR nightmare.  Like former DC mayor Marion Berry before him, Rob was caught on video smoking crack.  He's admitted to doing so, but explained that he only did it because he was piss- drunk at the time.  Says he's not a drug addict... but he WILL get help for his DRINKING problem.  Oh, and he wanted everyone to know that the woman who accused him of saying that he wanted to perform cunnilingus on her was lying.  But he didn't use the term ‘cunnilingus’; he used the much cruder (and infinitely more popular) 2- word term for it... on live TV.  

Meanwhile, in Houston, an ultra- conservative Republican named Dave Wilson was running for a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees... in a predominantly black district.  So, how does a conservative ideologue win the hearts and minds of people who hate his politics?  Simple; you pretend you're black.  It worked, and Dave got the votes he needed.  It's outrageous... but kinda funny.  Besides, it's up to the voter to research their candidates.  Sometimes you WANT to hate certain people, but, in spite of yourself, you like them.  It explains the accepted existence of such 'luminaries' as Donald Trump, Gene Simmons, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Kate Gosselin and a whole host of others.  That's our question:  WHO DO YOU HATE TO LOVE?
There were a few good answers here and there, but, frankly, I'm not gonna go through them all today.  Have our Men's Room Black Party tonight at Elysian Fields,  so I've been a little distracted.  Hope to see you there tonight.  We're serving hot dogs, bitches!  Hot dogs!
I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, drink up and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/14/2013 5:13PM
SHOW # 1827 NOVEMBER 14 2013
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11/15/2013 1:18AM
I hate to love President Uhuru Kenyatta, the current president of Kenya.
A majority of Third World Leaders/Politicians get away with a lot of stuff.But this guy right here had charges (crimes against humanity) brought against him by the International Criminal Court (ICC) but was still elected as president at the beginning of the year.I hate to love him for that but at the back of everyone's mind that's familiar or watching Kenya there's hope that the guy will steer the country in the right direction. 'The Kenyan'
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