SHOW # 1828 NOVEMBER 15 2013

So, we learned a new term today; 'sleep tattoos'... defined as 'the markings on the body left behind from sleeping for an extended period of time'.  We've all been victims of it and had the misfortune of having to explain to others what the weird imprints are on your face.  Last night, as we prepared to go to our Black Party, Miles was chatting with a man who had only one eye.  In spite of how obvious it was, the guy felt the need to TELL Miles that he had only one eye.  And then there's a guy in Chicago who caught his girlfriend having sex with another guy... so he knocked the guy unconscious and LIT HIS B*LLS ON FIRE!  On FIRE, bitches!!!  The guy was hospitalized and will recover, but at some point in the future, he'll have to explain to some chick why he has crispy bits.  At least he HAS bits.  There's a woman named Jacqui Beck who has no vagina.  She's never had one.  She was born without one.  Yea, I dunno.  Anyway, these stories inspired today's question:  HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT THING ON YOUR BODY?
Has three purple freckles on his penis... has to explain to every woman he's ever been with that they're just freckles.  The real problem is that he has no other freckles anywhere on his body
In college he branded a heart on his chest... it looks like crap
He filled a melon with lighter fluid, lit it on fire and hit it with a golf club (???) and now he has burn scars all over his chest
Has two bellybuttons; sort of... Has a real one and then, as a result of a surgery from childhood, has a scar that looks like another bellybutton right above it
Has a weird growth protruding out of the back of his head
Has unusually big toes
She has a cyst on her lower throat that looks like an Adam's apple.  Some people think she's a tranny
Has a freckle on his iris that makes it look like his eye is bleeding
Has 4 nipples
Not to be outdone, another guy called who has SIX nipples... SIX... AND a tail.  It's not huge, but a tail's a tail... and he has six nipples
Yea, I'm gonna leave you with the image of a six- nippled, tailed man.  You're welcome!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/15/2013 5:11PM
SHOW # 1828 NOVEMBER 15 2013
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