SHOW # 1830 NOVEMBER 19 2013

OK, imagine that your mother- in- law comes to town for a visit; it is what it is... until you see her using a back massager to soothe her aching bones, only, unbeknownst to her, she's not using a back massager, she's using your wife's vibrator.  Do you tell her?  (I say no) but that's the dilemma facing one guy.  Meanwhile, there's a woman out there who, like SO many women, doesn't want her boyfriend to hear or smell her farts.  What she does is go into the bathroom and fart into his BATH TOWELS to both muffle the thunder and mask the stink.  Maybe it's just me, but that seems so much worse.  The boyfriend doesn't know that he's drying himself off with her emissions.  Then there's some country band called Gloriana and one member of the band, Tom Gossin, got married earlier this year.  His band mate and brother (the same person) threw him a bachelor party... and because we're cynics, we assume it was an INCREDIBLE... because Tom claims he doesn't remember anything that happened.  Translation; his wife would be PISSED if she knew what went down.  Some things are better left unrevealed:  WHAT DID YOU DETERMINE SOMEONE WAS BETTER OFF NOT KNOWING?
Peed in a pint glass and dumped it down the kitchen sink because his girl was pooping and taking too long.  She used the glass to drink some water.  He chose not to tell her
Her husband doesn't know that she'd been with OVER 100 sexual partners before they met
Never told his buddy that he'd seen his (buddy's) wife in porn before they met
Hasn't told anyone that he got a DUI 6 months ago
Saw his mother- in- law's vagina before she was his mother- in- law.  Said she's a good looking woman and was happy to see it... but he hasn't told his wife or mother- in- law
His ex- wife told him how incredibly big her ex's penis was/ is.  Wishes he didn't know (meaning the ex's d*ck is bigger) and, furthermore, he never asked
Made a sex video on his phone of he and his girlfriend.  The girlfriend was well aware of the video, but what she doesn't know is that he dropped the phone at work, and that the phone was found by a female co- worker who showed the video to everyone in the office
Know what a vibraslap is?  No?  It's that musical instrument that sounds like a rattle snake... made immortal by Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train".  You might think "Crazy Train" is the only song that makes use of the vibraslap... and you'd be wrong.  Jolene has a list and a link to over 30 songs (many you'll be familiar with) that make use of the vibraslap.  Here's a link to the madness:
I'm up outta this here bitch.
Until tomorrow, feed it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/19/2013 5:25PM
SHOW # 1830 NOVEMBER 19 2013
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