SHOW # 1831 NOVEMBER 20 2013

Ergoflex, a British mattress company, conducted a survey to find out what people found to be the most difficult adjustment to make when sharing a bed with a new partner for the first time.  The list covers everything from farting to hogging the covers to snoring.  After you've been with that person for awhile you find a way to just get used to these things and accept that they're not gonna change.  That is, generally speaking, how every new situation goes.  Doesn't have to be a relationship; if you moved around a lot as a kid (as I did) you know the suckiness that is starting at a new school, having to make new friends and all that crap.  And if you're an adult whose moved, adjusting to a new town takes a little time.  Hell, if you don't have kids but plan on it in the future, forget anything you think you know.  In fact, a woman named Lauren Hartman just penned an article about that very thing for  We've all had to make adjustments to something new; going to jail or getting out of jail; joining the military or re-entering the civilian population, losing a job, starting a new one; today we wanted to know:  WHETHER YOU WANTED TO OR NOT, WHAT ADJUSTMENT DID YOU HAVE TO GET USED TO? 
Discovered that "fishing" in Alaska is hard work with hard people
Got a pacemaker last year (he's 26) and has had to adjust to, well, being 26 and having a pace maker
Moved from Texas to Montana at age 16
Got custody of his 2 boys (ages 6 and 2) last year.  His ex is a druggie and kinda disappeared off the face of the earth
Became a lefty after losing his right hand
His difficult adjustment; former career criminal is now a family man.  Keep on keeping on.
Got out of drug dealing and now has a 'legit' job... he's trying to adjust to not making nearly as much money
Was dating a girl in high school; unbeknownst to them, their parents (her father and his mother) were ALSO dating.  The parents decided to move in together, so they had to move in together too... and then they broke up but still had to live together for a little while.  Their parents are still together.  Yea, things are awkward
She moved to Seattle from Tanzania (like SO many of us) and had a hard time adjusting to the cultural differences; namely, the fact that everything in the states is predicated on 'social etiquette' (those things you 'can' and 'cannot' bring up in conversation) and it's just not like that in Tanzania 
Moved back in with his parents after his fiancé died of an overdose
His mother passed away 3 years ago so he suddenly had custody of his 15- year- old sister and his newborn kid.  Wasn't easy, but they all survived and are closer than ever
OK bitches, I'm about to venture into the cold and get jiggy.  I don't quite know what 'jiggy' is, but I'm feeling it.
Until tomorrow, get jiggy and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

11/20/2013 5:21PM
SHOW # 1831 NOVEMBER 20 2013
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