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It's kind of an unspoken agreement, but most (most) adults make an effort to protect kids... whether that be protecting them from themselves or the indifferent universe in which we all exist.  The idea is that we want to protect their innocence as long as we can.  It's why we try not to use profanity around them or why we don't surf porn when their around.  It's why we don't have the heart to tell them that Simba from 'The Lion King' would, eventually, eat his friends after crushing their throats in his mouth or that Mary's little lamb's ultimate fate is gyro meat.  Well, New York City is getting in on the 'protect the kids' action, as the NYPD is asking bartenders not to OVER- serve anyone dressed up as Santa.  Why?  As one person asked, "what do you tell a five- year- old when they see Santa passed out on the street, vomiting or defecating in front of the house?"  We don't have an answer to that question (not a radio- friendly one, anyway) but we hoped that you had an answer to our question:  WHAT DID YOU SEE AS A KID THAT SCARRED YOU FOR LIFE?
11 years old...found a bunch of used needles on the beach... brought them home to a VERY unhappy father
Lost his innocence when his friend died in a car crash on the LAST day of high school
Was at a barbeque at age 5... went into the backyard of the host and saw a bunch of rabbits (still alive) hanging upside down by their feet... one guy bashed them over the head with a bat, the other guy was slitting their throats... a little while later, rabbit was served for dinner
Was watching what he thought was a video of Brittney Spears getting naked... it was one of those videos where a demon's face pops up and screams at you
In fifth grade, he and a group of friends saw an old man with an axe split a cat's head open
10 years old, walked in on his parents having sex... the next day, he heard his GRAND parents having sex
Playing on a trampoline, landed on a stump and broke his leg... to this day, he can't deal with seeing anyone with broken legs
Did search and rescue at age 13 (at the urging of his mother) so in addition to seeing many dead bodies, he also found an old man who was alive... and then died in front of him
He was in 4th grade sitting next to his 78- year- old grandmother eating dinner... she took one bite of dessert, suffered a massive heart attack and then died
Saw his drunk mother sitting naked on the toilet after she'd just had sex with his step- father
Ever wonder what the best 12 songs are that are about food?  Me neither, but here's a link:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, thoughts arrive like butterflies, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/26/2013 5:36PM
SHOW # 1835 NOVEMBER 26 2013
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