SHOW # 1836 NOVEMBER 27 2013

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and, if you're like most people, you'll be a gluttonous pig in the company of family.  The thing about spending a lot of time with family is that, well, you're spending a lot of time with family.  Most family dynamics seem to be about the same; there's the drunk uncle, the cousin who is going through some kind of 'issues', the sibling who's either strung out on drugs or fresh out of prison, the family member who decides that 'turkey day' is the day to come out of the closet, etc, etc.  The long and short of it is this; the potential for drama escalates substantially when you mix family with the holidays.  It's just one of those things.  so today we wanted to know:  WHAT DO YOU HOPE DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN THIS HOLIDAY SEASON?
Hopes that her father- in- law doesn't get drunk and start another fight with her.  Last time, it was her first Thanksgiving as a part of that family
Her mother had a bunch of antique ceramic reindeer (???)... until her uncle knocked over a table and broke them all
His wife punched her 31- year- old daughter in the face and spent 3 days in jail
Her birthday, like our very own Thee Ted smith, is on Christmas Eve... on that day, her drunk brother started the punching the car window (from the inside) and broke it... while she was driving
Her father got lost... while walking the dog.  why yes, he WAS drunk at the time... why do you ask?
Tried to celebrate the holidays at the casino... everything was fine until she went into labor
Hopes the dog doesn't snag the turkey off of the kitchen counter right before they're about to eat again... they ended up eating cold cuts
Really, really, really hopes his grandmother doesn't put porn on the TV again during dinner.  Said it made for a very awkward moment... if watching porn with your grandmother bugs you.
OK bitches, time to start preparing for football and turkey.  Have a good Thanksgiving... or at least try!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/27/2013 5:20PM
SHOW # 1836 NOVEMBER 27 2013
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