SHOW # 1840 DECEMBER 05 2013

Yesterday in Mexico, a lone or group of opportunistic thieves stole a truck with expensive cargo.  The problem is, the truck's experience cargo was Cobalt- 60, a HIGHLY radioactive element used for medical procedures... AND dirty bombs.  The Cobalt- 60 was stored in a secure container... but by the time authorities found the truck, the containers had been opened.  The good news:  the thieves didn't steal the Cobalt- 60.  They probably didn't know what it was, thus, saw no value in it.  The bad news:  whoever opened the container has approximately 1 to 3 days left to live.  Yep.  Authorities went so far as to tell the thieves (where ever they might be) not to even bother turning themselves in... because they're gonna be dead in short order.  Bet they wish they'd known what they were getting into.  Today's question:  WHAT DID YOU DO THAT ALMOST KILLED YOU... AND WAS IT FUN?
Let his friend drive his S-2000... flipped the car, but everyone got out alive
Getting towed in a sled behind a quad... flew off of a 30- foot cliff and broke his collar bone.  Should have been a lot worse
Just got his license and decided to go speeding the highway... did a 360, swerved off the road and into a ditch
Walking across a train bridge when a train arrived.  They managed to run fast enough to get off of the bridge, but just barely
In the Marines he worked in ordinance disposal... picked up what he thought was a dirt clod and tossed it off to the side... then it exploded.  Turns out it was a grenade encased in mud
Wrecked his motorcycle going about 45 mph... lacerated his spleen but didn't know it until he went to the hospital... the next day
Got bucked off of a bull... and then gored by the bull... then head- butted in the face... then stomped on
Had cancer... got the tumor removed but Od'd on morphine in recovery
Fell down a mine shaft when she was 20... said it was only a 15- foot drop, but scary as hell anyway
OK bitches, the boss is taking us out for drinks. 
Until tomorrow, I ain't whistlin' Dixie, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/05/2013 5:28PM
SHOW # 1840 DECEMBER 05 2013
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Ginger strikes!
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