SHOW # 1842 DECEMBER 09 2013

I don't normally do a blog on Monday's, but today is different... for one reason; we had a discussion about what children would look like if we, the Men's Room, reproduced with each other.  Here's a peek:

Until tomorrow, don't procreate and STAY BEAUTIFUL!" 

12/09/2013 5:29PM
SHOW # 1842 DECEMBER 09 2013
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12/09/2013 5:42PM
But funny as hell! Bad joke Monday?
12/10/2013 2:36PM
The real question is:
Would a love child between Thrill and Ted balance out Ted's hidden p*nis syndrome and make him "average?"
12/10/2013 9:46PM
west virginia
THEE miles smith and Teward Smith both look like they would come out of Miles home land, its fitting
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