SHOW # 1859 JANUARY 15 2014

It's no secret that Century Link Field and the 12th Man are the loudest in the NFL.  It helps, of course, when the home teams gives you something to cheer about and the Seahawks have clearly done that.  So, the fact that the road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle is the nightmare scenario for every other team in the league.  Long- story- short; no one wants to play here... but if you wanna go to the Big Dance, playing here is the price you have to pay.  And then there's a guy in Utah named Kenneth Sullivan who's married and a father of four kids.  So thrilled with his domestic status that he signed up for Mars One; the company planning to send 24 people to Mars in the next few years.  The thing is, it's a one way trip.  Assuming it happens at all, you'd go to Mars to die there... probably from radiation poisoning.  Kenneth finds that a better alternative than staying home with his family.  Sweet.  Brings us to today's question:  WHERE DID YOU GO EVEN THOUGH YOU HATED THE THOUGHT OF IT?
North Carolina... it was his layover en route to Mexico.  Been to North Carolina before, not a fan.
The public restroom at a stadium... he had to poop.  He HAD to poop badly
Red Dog mine in Alaska, 40 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  It was night 24 hours a 'day', had an 84 hour work week and was surrounded by nothing but dudes
The Walla Walla state prison; he'd originally been placed under house arrest, but he made the mistake of leaving.  Ended up in prison for 18 months
Met a woman here in Seattle and hit it off.  Eventually she had to return to L.A., but he bought a plane ticket to fly down and spend more time with her.  Before his departure date she called to let him know that she'd slept with a dude... and gotten herpes.  If you care, she got them from a member of O- Town
Works as an electrician, but unfortunately for him, one of the accounts he has to service is in a mental institution.  We're not talking about a place that sad people go, we're talking a straight up place of insanity.  Says it creeps him out and the people are, well, insane
Didn't look forward to his first colonoscopy.  Now that it's over, he's not looking forward to his next one.  I get it.
OK bitches, have some stuff to do that I'll share at a later date.  Right now, mum is the word (used to be 'Grease') so I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, slap the bishop and STAY BEAUTIFUL!" 


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01/15/2014 5:19PM
SHOW # 1859 JANUARY 15 2014
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