SHOW # 1865 JANUARY 24 2014

In Cambridge, England, the City Council ruled that apostrophes should be removed from street signs... to avoid confusing emergency services.  In other news, emergency service in England is EASILY confused.  However, a group called Good Grammar Company (seriously) is protesting the idea.  This entire situation is borderline stupid, but, essentially, the 'politically correct' are taking on the grammar Nazis in a battle that's sure to be annoying.  The thing that both of these groups have in common is their overwhelming, and seemingly untreatable, desire to correct everyone around them.  We all know these people.  WHAT DOES IT SEEM LIKE OTHER PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS TRYING TO CORRECT ABOUT YOU?
The personal trainers at his gym... inevitably, whatever he's doing, he's going it wrong
She has a bunch of tattoos and many people (meaning family) continue to object to her getting more.  She works full time and has a career, what's the problem.
His wife is a backseat driver and enjoys 'correcting' his every driving decision
Was out of work for 10 months and people kept telling him what kind of job he should get
Her husband is a stay- at- home dad and her friends are always trying to convince her to convince him to get a job.  Oddly enough, if the woman stays home with the kids then parenting is a job, but if the guy stays home, he's just a lazy freeloader
People often try to correct his choice of pizza toppings... whether he intends to share his pizza or not
People try to correct her on how to spell HER name.  It's pronounced 'Cassandra' but it's spelled 'Quesdandra'.  Yes, it's odd, but that's how her name is spelled
She's a lesbian but her grandmother insists that it's just a phase because she's not giving men enough of a chance
OK, the weekend is here, so let's get it going on!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/24/2014 5:58PM
SHOW # 1865 JANUARY 24 2014
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