SHOW # 1868 JANUARY 29 2014

In the lead up to the Super Bowl, yesterday was "media day", the day where some of the dumbest journalists on earth ask some of the dumbest questions on earth and, essentially, waste everyone's time.  Unfortunately for the players, the NFL REQUIRES that they make themselves available for this idiot- fest.  Even 'Hawks running back Marshawn Lynch showed up... albeit, not for long.  Most players hate media day, and here a few shining examples why; Richard Sherman was about what he thought of Justin Bieber, another player was asked which fat head coach he'd rather see in a thong, while another player was asked who had the smelliest farts in the locker room.  Seriously.  Ahhhh 'media day'!  For us normal folks, we're burdened with plenty of stupid an oft repeated questions.  If you're a red headed woman, you KNOW you're gonna get asked 'does the rug match the drapes?'  If you own a pick-up truck, you're everyone's go- to when they need to move, if you have a tattoo you'll be asked 'did it hurt?', and on and on it goes.  Today's question:  WHAT ONE QUESTION, FOR WHATEVER REASON, DO YOU GET ASKED A LOT?
"Having fun yet?"  He's a plumber's apprentice
"Are you Irish?"  He's a short red- headed dude with Leprechaun- like facial hair
"You got a joint?"  Has long hair and a beard
"Are they twins?"  He has IDENTICAL twin daughters
"What's in it?"  He's a UPS driver and customers assume he knows what THEY ordered
"Can I touch your beard?"  He has a huge beard
"Can you eat eggs?"  He's lactose intolerant.  WTF do eggs have to do with it?
"What nationality are you?"  Well, he's AMERICAN, but they mean to ask is what ethnicity he is... and he doesn't know because he was adopted by a black family... and he's not black... or white.
"Does it rain a lot in Seattle?"  That's the question he gets every time he travels.  I think we all do. 
"What's wrong with your eyes?"  Has a condition I can't pronounce that causes his eyes to twitch all the time.  People assume he's high
"Did you kill anyone in Iraq?"  He did three tours of duty there. 
"Do you shave your head?"  Yes... because his head is shaved
"Are you related to Elvis?"  His last name is Prestly.  He should say, "yes, Elvis Costello."
OK bitches, I'm outta this mofo.
Until tomorrow, targnabbit and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/29/2014 5:21PM
SHOW # 1868 JANUARY 29 2014
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