SHOW # 1869 JANUARY 30 2014

It's no secret that Justin Bieber (yea, him again) is an idiot, but like any celebrity with a seven- figure income, there's no real ramifications for anything he does... and so he continues to be an idiot.  Outside of his inexplicable fan base, everyone else is pretty tired of the fool.  Well, here in the states we have one advantage; he, like Ted Cruz, is Canadian. In one week, a petition to deport his candy- ass has reached 174,000 signatures.  That means that the White House now, legally, has to issue a ruling on the matter.  We're pretty sure that the 'Biebs' will be safe, but we like the idea that that many people are asking him to just go the f**k away.  All of that being said, all of us have done something that resulted in us being asked, or told, to leave.  WHY WERE YOU ASKED TO LEAVE?
Was asked to leave the entire state of Indiana.  Had gotten into a fight, was told by the police to leave the state or go to jail
Got kicked out of a bar where he was a regular because of some crazy chick
Kicked out of a Lil' Wayne concert for fighting.  Truth was, he was breaking up a fight
Booted from Safeco Field for sneaking in booze... twice!
Was asked to leave WORK after cracking an OBGYN joke to a female employee
Peed in the sink of the ladies room at a local bar.  Would have gotten away with it if the bouncer hadn't been watching him the whole time
Was asked to leave work for wearing a bulletproof vest.  His brother had been shot and killed a few days before so he was especially paranoid
Kicked out of a Mariner's game because his (now ex) wife is a loud- mouthed drunk.  She was almost Tasered, but he managed to talk the cops out of doing it... which is impressive since she was calling the cops 'pigs'
Was tossed from Cow Girls Inc for licking the ass of one of the dancing girls
Involved in a bar fight and punched one of the bouncers... didn't realize it was a bouncer
Before legalization, he was thrown out of a head shop for uttering the word "weed"
Thrown out of Disney World for getting drunk... and fighting Goofy
Gotta run, bitches.
Until tomorrow, drink up, stand out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/30/2014 5:45PM
SHOW # 1869 JANUARY 30 2014
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