SHOW #1872 JANUARY 4 2014

If we've learned nothing else over the past few years, we should all know by now that cruise ships and the cruise ship industry are a conglomeration of diarrhea- inducing puke factories.  Already this year, 35 days total, TWO cruise ships in the Caribbean fell ill due to Novovirus.  In other words, large groups of passengers and crew have been crapping and vomiting in stairwells, pools, hot tubs, the floor... pretty much everywhere.  Both cruises were cut short and had to return to port.  Those are cruise ships.  Then there are this year's Winter Olympics, scheduled to begin this Friday in Sochi, Russia.  We know there are concerns about terrorist threats, the ban on openly gay athletes (have they never heard of male figure skating... I mean, come on, man) and the extermination of all stray dogs (seriously), but now that the media is arriving, the world is finding out that Sochi (Russia's answer to Flynt, Michigan) is ill- prepared to host the international games.  Open man holes on the sidewalk, brown drinking water, no knobs on the hotel room doors, shower curtains fetching $50 on the black market... it's like 'District 9', except that it's not a movie.  Anyway, today's question:  WHEN DID YOU FIND YOURSELF UNEXPECTEDLY ROUGHING IT?
Got stuck on the road in North Dakota after putting his truck in a ditch
Ate something of questionable origin in Korea... no public toilets, just holes in the ground.  Hey man, whatever.  When you gotta go, you gotta go
Broke down 15 miles outside of Ellensburg, Washington.  Had to walk 15 miles to Ellensburg.  Seems that cell phone coverage is just a tad spotty
Just got evicted today for being a "party house"... claims there was no notice, but who knows
Went camping in Arizona and realized that that no one brought a tent... also realized that the Arizona desert gets cold at night... even in March
So, the city of Seattle is expecting 300,000 people (give or take) to descend on the city for Seahawk's Super Bowl Parade and rally.  We spent all day lobbying to get the day off from work so we could join the festivities; meaning, we wanted to get drunk with everyone else... but the brass didn't share our enthusiasm for the idea.  However, we kept bugging them about it so they came up with a compromise; we'll be broadcasting from Elysian Fields (home of Men's Room Original Red) tomorrow at 2!  See, after the rally tomorrow, we're gonna keep it going with our own rally.  So, if you're gonna be downtown tomorrow, join us at Elysian!  Just do it!  You know you want to! 
I'll leave you with that! 
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, knock on wood and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/04/2014 5:51PM
SHOW #1872 JANUARY 4 2014
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