SHOW # 1874 FEBRUARY 6 2014

The folks at put their heads together and came up with a map of America that details the "absolute worst person from each state".  For example, as much as you'd think Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway would represent Washington, he's actually from Utah, so that state has the distinction of claiming his as their worst person.  Washington is represented by serial killer Michael Swango.  He was a doctor responsible for murdering 60 people.  He's currently serving a life sentence in Colorado.  Colorado's "worst person" is actually two people; Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the two punks behind the Columbine High School massacre.  Anyway, each state has it's own worst person, making everyone else look bad.  Canada isn't loving Justin Bieber's representation, Kate Gosslyn makes mothers look like heartless fame- whores and everyone in Florida makes everyone else in Florida look like Floridians.  It could be your gender, race, sexual preference, political affiliation, hobby, whatever, today we wanted to know:  HO GIVES YOUR PEOPLE A BAD NAME?
His old boss was a stickler for the rules... unless he wanted to break them
He's from Wisconsin, the same state that just passed legislation to honor the guy who invented the cheese head hat
'Crazy' gun people... he's a gun enthusiast but the people most often represented on TV make him look like a lunatic.  To be fair, almost anyone that the media is going to focus on is going to make everyone with similar tastes look bad.  It's how they operate
He's from Florida.  'Nuff said
He's from Oklahoma and says that the list of people who make him look bad is too long to get into, but he points out that his family likes to go hand- fishing
He's a Muslim Arab... the extremists and the 'death to America' types that our media loves, loves, LOVES to convince you are the ONLY types of Muslims give him a bad name.  The Vatican cover- up, Westboro Baptist Church, whatever your religion, you don't look good right now
He's from Alabama, so everyone assumes he's a racist.  Governor George Wallace, as he says, did nothing to help dispel those beliefs.  They also think he's stupid and incestuous
He's gay and thinks Perez Hilton is going him no favors.  Called him a 'bitch'
Other military wives... they're not all cheating whores
Crazy, right- wing Republicans (meaning the current crop of politicians) give him and other actual Republicans a bad name.  Not all of them hate minorities, misunderstand religion, hate the poor, or is a Bible- thumper.  Some are just normal, non- judgmental people.  Imagine that
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, own your flatulence and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/06/2014 5:24PM
SHOW # 1874 FEBRUARY 6 2014
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