SHOW # 1875 FEBRUARY 7 2014

For whatever reason, the idea of public breast- feeding gets people all worked up into a lather in this country. So, when I heard that woman in Colorado Springs had posted a picture to Facebook that showed her breast- feeding... and that everyone was upset about it, I rolled my eyes.  Then I discovered that she was breast- feeding a PUPPY, and I kinda understood.  She has her reasons for doing what, but she HAD to know people would freak out when she posted the picture.  Maybe she didn't.  Who knows?  Meanwhile, a woman in Brazil suffers from some type of chemical imbalance that, basically, shuts her body down... unless she masturbates for at least 15 minutes every 2 hours; or as I call it, the average.  You could see how such a predicament could interfere with work.  Well, she just won a court battle and now she can LEGALLY watch porn on her work computer and masturbate as needed.  And then there's a guy named Kenneth Haskins from Tampa, Florida.  He burned down his apartment complex to exact revenge against the other residents there who had been complaining about him.  The reason they were complaining was because Ken wouldn't stop masturbating in front of his windows or in his front doorway.  To put him in perspective, here's a link. My apologies.  Today's question:  WHAT'S THE STRANGEST THING YOU'VE SEEN SOMEONE ELSE DO?
In a Safeway parking lot, he saw a homeless dude undo his pants, take a dump, and then drop to his hands and knees to sniff his own excrement.  The Aristocrats
Saw a kid cutting up a live squirrel with a pen- knife on the sidewalk.  Mercy- killed the squirrel and beat the sh*t out of the weirdo
Cab driver got rear- ended by another driver.  The two guys get out of their respective vehicles and get into a heated argument.  The cab- driver goes crazy and starts tearing out his OWN beard
Was in a hot tub at a YMCA... a woman in the hot tub started masturbating with the jets for 10 or 15 minutes
Used to work with a guy who, every single day for lunch, would eat a can of green beans, a can of corn and a can of black beans.  He wouldn't warm it up or anything, just eat it out of the can.  They offered him $20 to eat a can of dog food.  He ate a can of Big and Meaty.  Big and Meaty was recalled two weeks later
Walked into an unlocked bathroom stall to see a guy standing on the toilet seat, squatting and pooping
On vacation, he saw a woman breast feeding a pig... or a really ugly baby, but he thinks it was a pig
Again, if you're one of those unfortunate souls who clicked the link above and got an eye- full of Kenneth Haskins, my apologies.
I'm out!  Have a fine weekend.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"


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02/07/2014 5:12PM
SHOW # 1875 FEBRUARY 7 2014
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i know this has nothing to do with the blog up above , but I just wanted to say that your guys brew is f ing awesome . Thank you From : twizity twan.
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