SHOW # 1881 FEBRUARY 18 2014

It's no secret that back in the day, Barbara Walters was a very promiscuous woman.  In spite of what she looks like now, she used to be a good looking lady.  Well, at the age of 85, it seems that Wa- Wa still likes to get her sour motor humming and THAT is why she owns a vibrator.  At least, she told the audience at yesterday's taping of "The View" that she owns a vibrator... and she named it "Selfie".  Kind of a lame name, but I can appreciate her efforts.  Meanwhile, Mariah Carey is the quintessential diva; self- absorbed, unaware, vapid and, as divas are wont to do, named her six dogs names that speak to her diva- ness.  They are Muttley, Cha- Cha, Squeaky Beans, Jilly Beans, Pippity and The Reverend Pow Jackson.  We all agree that her husband, Nick Cannon, came up with the last name.  We also think he works so much because of who and what he has to go home to.  But I digress.  So, as much as I'm poking fun at these stupid names, I'm in no position to criticize; I named my penis Lando Calrissean.  Ted named his penis Kenny Loggins, after 80's musical superstar, Kenny Loggins.  People name their pets, cars, guns, musical instruments, body parts, etc.  WHAT SPECIAL NAME DO YOU HAVE FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMETHING?
Sorry, got a bit distracted today, so I don't have the answers we heard.  Apologies.  However, one thing I did notice today was that while us men are fond of naming our junk, we don't take the time to name our testicles.  It's not that it's important, just something I noticed today.  Respect your b*lls!
It's Tuesday, so, as always, Jolene joined us to bring us music no one wants to hear.  In this case, it was the 10 worst classic rock covers of all time.  Jolene nailed it; they all sucked really, really bad.  Reeeaaalllll bad!  Here's a link to the torture:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, Hell's bell, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/18/2014 5:37PM
SHOW # 1881 FEBRUARY 18 2014
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02/24/2014 3:14PM
we hate richard
We had same manger named Richard he gotten way murder. It's like trailer park boys. White liars estates. White river estates. We though of everyday too get rid of. Do how too rid of him. Oops he the second class manger. I'm a asstiant . Says Richard.
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