SHOW # 1893 MARCH 11 2014

If you need a car, you need a car, even though you know it's a lousy investment.  The value of it plummets quickly, you have to over pay for insurance, overpay for gas and overpay for parking... but if you need a car, bad as an investment as it is, is worth it in it's own, money- draining way... so it makes sense.  About a decade ago, the promise of satellite radio was all the rage and when it launched, shares went for about $60 each.  Well, reality is that about 2% of radio listeners bother with satellite and now the stocks are worth about $3 a share.  Like any stock, satellite radio was a gamble.  As far as cars go, they are, in this country in particular, a necessity, so while they suck as an investment, they have a benefit.  But then, there are those things that are so incredibly stupid as an investment that it defies logic... so leave it to our federal government to be the tip of the spear of unchecked idiocy.  There are many examples of this, however, for today's purposes we'll focus on the production of currency.  It's well documented that a penny is valued at exactly one cent... but it costs 1.9 cents to produce.  The nickel is valued at 5 cents, but cost about 9.8 cents to produce.  Long and short of it, we lose about $105 MILLION dollars a year producing this stuff.  Today's question:  WHAT DID YOU PAY FOR IT AND WHAT IS IT WORTH NOW?
OK, I got just wee bit distracted today.  Hey, it happens.  Cut me some slack.
However, here's a link to Jolene's blog:  On today's episode of Sit and Spin, we covered the songs that you probably shouldn't have been singing in the back of your car with your parents up front.  Let's face it, most popular songs seem to have something to do with sex and drugs... it was the same way when you were a kid. 
OK bitches, I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, touch it with your tongue and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

03/11/2014 5:24PM
SHOW # 1893 MARCH 11 2014
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