SHOW # 1894 MARCH 12 2014

Just because you wear Ed Hardy or Affliction gear doesn't mean you're a douche- bag, but everyone assumes you are.  Ladies, just because you have a tiny dog in your purse doesn't mean you're a pretentious, high maintenance bitch, but everyone assumes you are.  Fellas, just because your pants sag off of your ass doesn't mean you're a wanna- be thug, but everyone assumes you are.  Ladies, just because you wear Ugg boots doesn't mean you're a vapid idiot, but everyone assumes you are.  As much as we're told 'not to judge a book by it's cover', that's exactly what we do.  We all do.  With that in mind, today we wanted to channel your inner nit- picker:  WHAT'S THE ONE POSSESSION THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU DISLIKE SOMONE?
Guys who wear flip- flops
A Prius... a LOT of people submitted the Prius as the thing that makes them instantly dislike someone
Men in bedazzled jeans
"Exotic" pets, as in tigers or chimps or cobras, etc. 
Pet strollers... amen.  If you want to take your god for a walk, let the dog walk!
Drawn- on eyebrows.  Why are they always drawn on in such a way that the person looks surprised
Truck nutz
Religious bumper stickers
Loud bass in the car
Any guy that wears white- rimmed sunglasses
Those were most of the answers we heard today. 
I'm outta here, bitches.
Until tomorrow, check yourself and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/12/2014 5:53PM
SHOW # 1894 MARCH 12 2014
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