SHOW # 1900 MARCH 20 2014

A guy in England lost his mother and attempted to mourn her death... which is par for the course... but he just couldn't do it.  It's not because he didn't love his mother, it's because his (bitch) wife wouldn't stop singing "Ding- Dong, the Witch is Dead" .  Seriously.  As you might imagine, things didn't end well between that couple.  In a nutshell, he freaked out and locked her in a shed, she escaped and confronted him, he grabbed her boobs and started twisting them (???) and he was arrested.  Initially it seems hard to imagine that someone (the wife) could be so insensitive... and then I read that Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church died this morning and I broke into song... to the tune of the Curtis Mayfield classic, "Freddie's Dead".  It happens sometimes; you celebrate someone else's misfortune.  And that is today's question:  WHEN DID YOU TAKE JOY SOMEONE ELSE'S MISFORTUNE?
Broke up with an abusive boyfriend after 4 years... the day she broke it off, he also found out that he's lost his job, all three of his snowmobiles 'broke', his car stopped working AND his truck broke down
Dated a guy for three years, he cheated on her but they worked it out... three years later he left her and married the woman he'd cheated with... they just got into a bad car accident
Ex- wife got herpes from the guy she'd left him for.  I think that would make anyone happy
He's happy every time UFC fighter Josh Koshcheck gets his ass kicked
When the "jerk" he worked for in the army got court- marshaled
Was delighted to find out that his ex just had a really ugly baby
Saw a blind guy run into a stop sign and fall over
Loves watching his friends deal with their kids' temper tantrums, unexpected bodily functions, etc. 
Recommended a friend to a jog... that friend stole from the company, then had sex with someone else's girlfriend.  The pleasure came when he rolled his truck 10 times
Her ex got "fat, ugly and old looking"
Her rude and obnoxious neighbor just got evicted
Took joy in the fact that her sister got too fat to fit into her wedding dress... before the wedding
OK, I'm out, bitches.
Until tomorrow, skip Frozen and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

03/20/2014 5:40PM
SHOW # 1900 MARCH 20 2014
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