SHOW # 1912 APRIL 8 2014

There's a guy named Heath, and Heath joined an online dating service a few months ago.  The long- and- short of his "dilemma" is this; he met a "beautiful" woman who, in his words, was "prefect"... she was hot AND has a good personality, but there's one thing he admits he just can't move past; she's missing a thumb.  This really bugs Heath.  Doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but in the pursuit of nookie, I've ignored smells, sounds, hair in unexpected places, terrifying moles and lazy eyes.  Sometimes you just wanna get laid and it doesn't matter what that might entail.  On that note, the folks at Reddit came up with this
Sometimes, when you're super- horny and you find that CAN scratch that itch, well, you tolerate some things that you'd normally find to be a deal- breaker.  WHAT'S THE HARDEST THING YOU'VE HAD TO IGNORE IN THE PURSUIT OF SEX?
Went to a girl's house; she'd left a monster turd in the toilet
Beautiful woman, but she had an under- developed right hand
On a camping trip, his friend walked in, but the girl didn't notice, so he kept going
She had an extended tailbone, which is 'nice- speak for a f**king TAIL!
The girl he was with wanted her boyfriend to watch so he could learn 'good oral technique'.  Says a lot
She endured a hairy- shouldered man with a small penis
Dealt with a "seriously cross- eyed" woman.  I can't lie, and maybe I'll sound shallow and cruel, but I would laugh my ass off. 
Had sex with his girlfriend in the car... while his friends were pounding on the windows wanting a ride
Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of hair... none of it on his head
She had a large and hairy mole just above her tailbone.  He actually lost his erection... and he was in the process of losing his virginity!
She would hold her breath until she passed out.  First time she did it, it freaked him out because he didn't know if she was dead or not
Beautiful girl "inside and out", as he put it... but she had a severe speech impediment and he couldn't deal
The girl he dated for awhile LAUGHED when she climaxed... that's what she told him, anyway
Until tomorrow, rock out and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/08/2014 5:51PM
SHOW # 1912 APRIL 8 2014
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