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“Hola sick of itolas,

Yesterday in Pinnellas County, Florida, an 18 year old man was arrested after he pummeled his father… because he was snoring. Apparently his father was asleep on a sofa in the living room and was snoring very, very, very, very, very loudly. That’s when his son forced him to the floor, straddled him and punched him in the face. Most people don’t physically assault others for snoring, but there’s been at least one sleepless night where you wanted to. You’ve probably also wanted to punch a roommate for never doing the dishes, or for singing at the top of their lungs in the shower, or clipping their toenails at the dining room table or whatever. Whether it’s a roommate, a significant other or a co- worker, there’s someone out there that you share a lot of time with who has some habit or tendency that makes you want to kill them. Today, we gave you the chance to vent and point fingers: WHAT’S THE HABIT THAT DRIVES YOU CRAZY AND WHO’S RESPONSIBLE?

The only thing that really drives me crazy (actually, that’s a lie, everything drives me crazy) is not cleaning up after yourself. Doesn’t matter the mess, clean it the f**k up. That’s my major pet peeve. In particular, if you’re using a public facility.

His brother eats scabs… which is just f**king gross

People who sigh over and over… by “people”, he meant his wife

His dad smacks gum when he chews it

His cousin chews with his mouth open

People who use double negatives… “I ain’t never…”- which would actually mean that you HAVE, and have often

Has a co- worker who whistles constantly

Wife always leaves lights on

Her husband chews loudly

Loud people on their cell phones… is there any other kind?

Her boyfriend scratches his psoriasis scabs… which flake off

His mother says “mmmmm” after every bite of a meal… which leads me to believe that she would be awesome in the sack. Sorry to have impure thoughts about your mother, dude.

People who misquote movie lines… I can’t stand people who quote movie lines

Knuckle crackers

People who speak in ‘baby talk’ when they see a dog or a little kid, etc

Alright, time for me to hit the cold and head home to stare at the dog.

Until tomorrow, there must be some kinda way outta here, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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12/09/2009 3:15PM
SHOW # 944 December 9
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