SHOW # 950 December 17

“Hola on a missionolas,

If you’re married, one of the worst things you could hear is that your spouse was injured in a car crash.  However, for one lucky guy in England, his wife being in a car crash has worked to his benefit.  You see, the car accident she was in damaged a nerve in her pelvis… the nerve that controls desire.  In her case, the nerve has been permanently switched “on”, meaning she’s always horny.  Always.  Naturally, she says her condition is “distracting” and “embarrassing”, but her husband is loving life and has become a new man.  He’s one of the lucky ones.  Usually, when someone develops a new motivation in life it’s because something bad has happened.  John Walsh, host of “America’s Most Wanted” wasn’t compelled to hunt down ‘bad guys’ until his son was kidnapped and murdered.  Cindy Sheehan, the anti- war activist was neither anti- war nor active until her son was killed in combat in Iraq.  Montel Williams is a huge proponent of medical marijuana because he, himself, suffers from multiple sclerosis and is in pain all the time.  That’s how things work; we all just mind our own business until some significant moment happens in our life that becomes a game changer.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT WAS THE TURNING POINT THAT MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE TODAY?

For me it was being homeless for a few months.  It’s about as much fun as it sounds, but you get a lot of time to think about things… and things sucked.  At that point you get to make a decision, get your act together or die.  Made the simple choice.

Having kids… like most guys, he was an irresponsible do- nothing, but once he had kids, he became the responsible man he is today… or so he says

Listening to our show… we inspired the man to get a job at KISW

Went to prison for robbing a drug store… after being hooked on heroin for 20 years.  Did four years in prison where he managed to clean up and get his life together

His son was born with spina bifoda

She was held captive for 24 hours at gun point by the man she was trying to leave

Had gastric bypass surgery and is no longer the 300 pound heifer she once was

Basic training changed him from a “punk- ass kid” to a man

Used to be a reckless drunk, but then his cousin was killed by a drunk driver and now he is a very, very responsible guy

Switched from public to private school and things improved

His wife died and then he was shot in the face by police… all in one month

OK, gonna stop now.  If you actually heard the show today, you may or may not have noticed that every one of us was severely hung over today.  Boss took us out for holiday drinks last night, and now we hate him.

Time to go home and nurse this long lasting hangover.

Until tomorrow, girls, girls, girls and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/17/2009 3:07PM
SHOW # 950 December 17
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