SHOW # 963 January 14 2010

“Hola picky eaterolas,

Sad news in a nostalgic kind of way; 83 year old Donald Goerke died this past Sunday at his home in Delran, New Jersey.  Who in the hell is Donald Goerke?  Donald Goerke is the former marketing director of Franco- American, and the man who created Spaghetti- O’s.  What kid didn’t enjoy Spaghetti- O’s or Ravioli- O’s when they were growing up?  And if you couldn’t get your hands on Spaghetti- O’s, what kid didn’t enjoy the culinary styling's of the ORIGINAL iron chef, Chef Boyardee?  Or the delicious baked goods of Little Debbie, Dolly Madison or Hostess?  Then, something happens and as an adult we find that a lot of these ‘kid’s’ foods we used to love now tastes like vomit.  When was the last time you ate a Twinkie?  It won’t be nearly as good as you remember.  I made that discovery fairly recently… don’t make the same mistake.  On the other hand, if you’d told me as a child that I’d eat sushi, I would have told you that you were high.  That’s how goes.  Well, in honor of Donald Goerke and his Spaghetti- O’s, today we wanted to know:  WHAT FOOD DID YOU EAT AS A CHILD THAT YOU WOULD NEVER DREAM OF EATING NOW OR WHAT FOOD DO YOU EAT NOW THAT YOU WOULD NEVER EAT AS A CHILD?

I’ve never liked green vegetables and still don’t, have always loved Cinnamon Toast Crunch and still do.  My diet never really changed until I started working in restaurants.  That exposed me to all kinds of new foods, etc, and definitely expanded my palate, but I’ll still take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich over just about anything else.

Here are some of the things you used to enjoy but don’t any more, or the things you love now that you never thought you’d eat:

Will never eat Vienna sausage again… can’t blame them

Used to hate liver and onions but he loves it now

Asparagus and onions… used to hate them, now he loves them

Crayons… I’m ASSUMING he USED to eat them and doesn’t now… or maybe it’s the other way around

Won’t eat mac and cheese out of a box again

Used to love Sunny Delight and now it freaks him out

Used to add sugar to his Frosted Flakes

His mother used to feed him peanut butter and pickle sandwiches… and he chose not to kill her

Used to eat liverwurst… won’t touch the stuff now

Loved corn dogs as a kid, now, like me, they scare the sh*t out of him.  There’s something not- quite- right about corn dogs

Used to hate spinach but now she can’t get enough of it.  Spinach is one of those things where I can’t even comprehend how anyone could like it

Kraft American cheese… perhaps the only “cheese” on earth that has no dairy

Used to eat cheddar cheese dipped in A- 1 steak sauce

This dude actually USED to enjoy PICKLED PIGS FEET… seriously man, what the f**k?!?  All the different parts of a pig that are delicious and you go for its feet… in brine?

The list could go on and on, but I won’t.  Why?  Well, actually, I’m running out of time and Ben will kill me if I don’t finish… so I’m finished.

Until tomorrow, we don’t want no civil war so STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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01/14/2010 3:03PM
SHOW # 963 January 14 2010
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