SHOW # 977 February 4 2010

“Hola are you a doucheolas,

We had Sean Kinney and Jerry Cantrell in studio earlier today for about 30 minutes.  They were great (which makes us look like we know what we’re doing) because they were honest but funny and easy going.  Why bring it up?  Ever heard Alice in Chains?  If so, do you think ‘funny’ or ‘easy going’?  Didn’t think so.  Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise.  We’ve also had the misfortune of the having the occasional unpleasant surprise, e.g., Aaron Lewis (Staind), comedian Charlie Murphy, NBA’s Steve Francis and a handful of others.  Then again, Chad frickin’ Kroeger of Nickelback was one of the coolest people we’ve talked to… and didn’t WANT to like him.  Dammit!  That’s how it goes; you meet someone you always wanted to meet and one of two things happen; they’re cool as hell or they let you down.  Today we wanted to know:  WHO DID YOU MEET THAT WAS COOLER THAN YOU THOUGHT THEY’D BE OR WHO DID YOU MEET THAT WAS A COMPLETE DOUCHE WAFFLE?

We’ll start with the cooler than expected people:

Eddie Vedder

Dee Snyder… Twisted Sister

R. Lee Ermey… granted, this guy is biases because Ermey is his uncle

Marcus Trufant… a LOT of people said this about Trufant today

Ken Griffin Jr.

Geezer Butler… Black Sabbath bassist

Jeff Goldblum

Ron Jeremy… never met anyone who didn’t like Ron.  A great guy

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Weird Al

Taylor Lautner… hairless ‘Twilight’ eye candy for the girls

MC Hammer

Believe it or not, Gary Ridgeway made this list because before people knew he was out of his f**king mind, he used to tip well

And now the douche waffles:

Merlin Olsen… former NFL player with a weird beer

Penn Gillette… always hear that he’s a big, sweaty pr*ck

Jared Leto

Billy Corgan… I don’t think anyone likes Billy Corgan

Lou Pinella

Ted Nugent

John Lithgow

Sully from Godsmack… met the guy a few times and he’s a douche 50% of the time and really cool 50% of the time

Neil Schoen… guitarist from Journey

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ken Griffey Jr.

Dimebag Darrell

Bill Cosby… never met the guy, but I’ve heard repeatedly that he’s an a**hole

Demi Moore… was described as a “bitch”

OK bitches, time to get myself together for the Alice in Chains show tonight.  Miles and I are headed there this evening with the Drunk in Charge Ryan Castle while Thee Ted Smith is going to tomorrow night’s show.  Yea, that’s how we role, bitches.


Until tomorrow, check my brain and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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02/04/2010 2:43PM
SHOW # 977 February 4 2010
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