Iron Maiden Trooper Ale!

Somehow, I think there’s room in this city for both Mens Room Red and Maiden’s Trooper Ale!
Who you think will be the first in Seattle to carry it??
Iron Maiden's beer has finally reached the U.S.
Trooper ale, named after the band's 1983 single, is being sold first in this country atRock N Roll Ribs, the barbecue restaurant Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain co-owns in Coral Springs, Florida. The brewers of the ale plan to introduce it to other U.S. locations throughout the fall. 
Who doesn’t love The Trooper!!!

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08/14/2013 3:59PM
Iron Maiden Trooper Ale!
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09/21/2013 12:20PM
Anywhere yet?
I've seen friends in other cities in the US finally getting their hands on some Trooper. Any shops or bars in Washington have it yet? Want. Bad. Need.
12/17/2013 7:46PM
The Trooper Beer Is Here
The Beer Junction West Seattle
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