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Can you tell we're excited? That's right, folks, the one and only Slayer is making their triumphant return to the northwest this Friday alongside the almighty Megadeth and let's not forget Testament. To make it THAT much cooler for us metal dorks, the fine folks in the SLAYER and MEGADETH camps took it upon themselves to up the anty x10 - this tour would for the true diehards! Slayer will be playing their underrated and classic "Seasons In The Abyss" album in its entirety and the Megadeth machine will be busting out all the jams from "Rust In Peace."

Now that you realize how stoked I am for this show, I'm okay with admitting I'm also a little bummed. Just a half a month after the Washington stop on the American Carnage tour, Anthrax is meeting up with Slayer and Megadeth to continue their path of destruction. All this needs is Metallica to sign on the dotted line and we have ourselves the big four touring the United States like they should be. People said it couldn't and wouldn't happen, but we saw all 4 bands unite on one stage just a few months back for a short European tour jaunt. Now it's time to get these 4 together for all the fans that live in the country all the bands reside from. If they can forget beef for a few nights in Europe, why not in America?

On another note, I realized that the planets were aligning in favor of Slayer being insanely epic this Friday. While shopping at a local thrift store, I caught a glimpse of an old school SLAYER t-shirt in mint condition for just under 4 dollars. My first thought: Grab it. My second: Who the hell gives up a Slayer shirt? This guy either got married or gained a bunch of weight. Is this a coincidence? I find a crucial Slayer shirt the same week as the big Slayer concert in Seattle? Maybe. But c'mon, maaaaaaaaaaaan, don't you want to believe?


Slayer- Seasons In The Abyss
Decrepit Birth- Polarity
Periphery- S/T
Insect Warfare- At War With Grindcore
Electric Wizard- Dopethrone

08/30/2010 11:42PM
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