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SNL 5/20/11

    What up blogger? So first off you know I have to mention the weather. Its awesome out there today and I think the rain is coming back for the weekend so get out there and soak it up suckas. So this weekend Saturday night live bring's back it's number one host JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Now for years I have been on the JT team and talking about what a cold stone pimp he is then he hosted SNL about 4 or 5 years ago and blew the roof off that motherfu**er. While I like that it is not socially acceptball to like JT now I just want to say for the record that he had since tearing up my heart. Anyhow with JT hosting or not SNL has been great the last couple of years and I highly reccommend that you dvr the show this week. I would asy watch it live on Saturday night but if your like me you will be drinking and clebrating a Sounders FC win and three big points. Have a great weekend

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05/20/2011 9:39AM
SNL 5/20/11
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