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SSFC 3/26/10

    What up blogger? So last night was a big night in Seattle if you are a sports fan. First off U-Dub was palying West Virgina in the NCAA tornenyment and well I ant going to say much about that because I am a Maryland fan and don't really care about either of those two schools. I will go tailgate at Husky games but I have no real loyality to the huskeys. Miles went to WVU and as a Maryland fan I hate them but in the end the husky's found out that WVU is real good and they beat up on them. Now it was a huge day for soccer fans in Seattle as it was the home opener for the Sounders and opening kick for the MLS. It was a cold, wet and rainy night at the X-Box 360 picth but our boys looked great and played what I think was a better brand of soccer then last year. I was very happy to see Freddy M. score a goal on a diveing header. I am one of many that question his tough ness but he looked good on thatgoal and if he hopes to play in Eroupe then he needs to show that tough-ness. The fans we great once again and the night was ours and a great place to soccer. I may have been late to the soccer party but I am in it to win it now my freinds.

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03/26/2010 11:05AM
SSFC 3/26/10
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