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STP's BLOG 09/15/11 "Happy Birthday Nick"

Happy Birthday Mono-Nick!!!!! Today is the day, and shockingly the stoner even remembered it’s his birthday. So in honor of Mono Nick…here are the top 3 things Mono-Nick will do on his birthday:

--Get Baked

--Check his Fantasy Football & Baseball stats

And The Number 1 thing Mono-Nick will do on his birthday…

--Get Baked and Check his Fantasy Football & Baseball stats…again.

So the big story today is that naked pix of Scarlett Johansson have surfaced! Scarlett apparently took these pix of herself in a hotel room have hit the Internet. One shows her naked backside, and the other shows one of her breasts. Scarlett didn't post these herself, her phone was hacked and the FBI is looking into it. Here is a link to these pix:

Maybe I am desensitized by naked pix…but I’m just not impressed or phased by these pix one bit. Look, Scarlett is hot…I don’t deny that, and It’s cool that she takes naked pictures of herself…but these pictures are kind of lame. First off…she a huge movie star…but a cell phone with a better camera resolution. More importantly…if you are going to take a pic of yourself, the least you could do is look excited. She looks like she either has to go poop, or someone made her take these pictures. I’m not digging them one bit.

The quote of the day was this:

“Can anyone be more awesome than a shirtless Jason Statham?”

Who said it? Yup…BJ Shea! Somehow we were talking about Twilight & how those guys parade around shirtless…and BJ actually said: “Can anyone be more awesome than a shirtless Jason Statham?” That comment led to this text:

didn't think bj could sound more gay...until now

Huge huge huge thanks to everyone that has voted for the STP-CAST as your favorite podcast in King 5’s Best Of Western Washington thing …when I last blogged about it, we were sitting at 15th place …and as of right now when I write this…we are at #5!!!! Wow…seriously I am very thankful to everyone that has voted & contributed to our goal of being #1…which would be hilarious!!!!! If you haven’t voted…please do & please share this link on your Facebook…


In a recent survey, about 20% of women admitted they've broken into their partner's email or Facebook. HALF as many men . . . 10% . . . have done the same. The survey also found that 15% of women have used the info they found to start a FIGHT. Less than half as many man, 7% have done the same. Based on the fact that a percentage of Men & Women have busted into their partners email & Facebook…be honest…have you snooped? What did you find out? Here are some of the texts we got:

I did and found that my ex husband wass cheasting on me with my friend/coworker. Cynthia in buckley

He was cheating with multiple women.

I got into my then boyfriend, now ex-​husbands email, found he was very active on the website

Last year I snooped in my wifes email and dicovered she had purchased a new 2011 silverado for my BD

Yeah i snooped in my girlfriends shiz and she collects apple stickers, i think its weird as f*** but whatever, i guss i have to be suportive.

Hey steve. I snooped through my girlfriends phone and I found her period planner app. Really helps me know when not to piss her off! -​Tim.

From a chick: found my engagement ring 2 weeks before he asked me to marry him... in his filing cabinet at Christmas time

I've found out my owner/lover hooks up with other dogs sometimes. I thought we had something special. Signed A sad Lucy

This is the funniest promotional move ever…there is a condom company called NuVo, and they have sent Hawks QB Tavaris Jackson a box of condoms. Why? Because Tavaris was sacked 5 times by the 49’ers defense, and he obviously needs better protection!!! Hahahahahaha – this is so beyond awesome. Each week during the NFL season, the quarterback who takes the most sacks will be recognized by NuVo. Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton was also sacked five times, so it looks like Jackson will have to share his supply.

This is the best story ever! Ever!!!! Nicolas Cage was once awoken in the middle of the night by a naked man eating a Fudgesicle. Yup…that is the headline we came across this morning. Cage was at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday hyping his new movie "Trespass" -- which is about a home invasion. Cage revealed that he had some knowledge on the subject, "I am actually one of the people who has lived through the nightmare. It was two in the morning. I was living in Orange County at the time and was asleep with my wife. My two-year old at the time was in another room. I opened my eyes and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed. It sounds funny now…but it was horrifying." Cage eventually talked the man out of his house, and police arrived soon after. Wow…now that is something you don’t see often. So many things come to mind…first off…could all of this be a lie? How great would that be…after all he is promoting a film about a home invasion, and what better way to garner some buzz about the film than to drop that bomb on the masses? I would have tremendous respect for Nick Cage if he made it up, and decided to make the story completely ludicrous to see if people will buy it. More importantly, how funny would it be if the naked guy with the Fudgesicle was…..Bill Cosby?

A man named Marce William Burchell has written a 30-page book about his supposed affair with Jessica Simpson. Titled: "The True Story of Jessica Ann Simpson's 22 month long attempt to seduce a married man - her very Active Super Secret Sex life: True Story Jessica Simpson Seduction of A Married Man (Volume 1)". Which makes me think there will be a Volume 2…exciting! Burchell claims this book blows the lid off of how Jessica cheats on all her men, not to mention how she ruined Burchell's life. The book costs a hefty $30, but Burchell claims that all proceeds are going to the development of a revolutionary new electric car that will only cost $10,000 to buy and will, quote, "make all gasoline-powered cars obsolete." Here are the specs on this car, "It can carry seven passengers and cargo, has a top speed of 180 miles per hour, can go 300 miles per charge and accelerates from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds." As for why he wrote the book, he says, "This book was not written to hurt her, but was written as my only way to heal emotionally from the severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me."
Not surprisingly, Jessica's security team has a profile on this guy. He's been bugging her for years. Based on the fact that this guy wrote a book detailing his alleged affair with Jessica Simpson…What is the most elaborate lie you have ever told? Here are the texts we received:

I convinced a friend of mine that wifes dad was the worlds strongest midget-​carney. This went on for a week. He really wanted to meet him! The Green merchant

My buddies and i convinced my stoner friend that it was 2003 when it was still 2002. The lie continued for months until he argued with his mom about his age.

I had a small iowa town thinking i was in witness protection from the mob.they may still think it 4 all i know

Told my parents I was going to check out a bible college in Portland, really went to smash a chick I met online..3 days of glory!

Throughout high school I had everybody believing I only had one testicle... For most of my friends the joke is still going! :-​)

Buddies & I lied told strippers @ the voooo we were talent scouts! It worked like magic 3 left w/ us-​ epic nite, wow! Oh & my porn name was jesse the rod

I once pretended to be my own twin brother to hook up with sisters. It took a week and a lot of excuses for never being seen together, but it paid off :)

I had my ex convinced for over a year that tequila was made of fermented pinto beans!

I had afriend believe that the bumps on the side of the freeway for if you fall asleep were for the blind to drive by brail shannon from anacort

I lied to Lucy and told her that everyone keeps their peanut butter in their pants! STP

Today's Video Blog features our birthday boy...Mono-Nick!

Here is the same vlog for the iPHONE people:

09/15/2011 3:16AM
STP's BLOG 09/15/11 "Happy Birthday Nick"
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