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STP's BLOG 10/21/11 "Green Man on the Today Show!"

Gotta give huge props to Hot Kyle, our intern, for getting on the Today Show yesterday! Kyle dressed as Green man (from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fame), and went down to the Pike Place Market, where they were doing the final hour of the Today show. He was down there to do a video blog (see it on Monday), and he also called in yesterday with a report…if you were watching the Today Show, you might have seen him constantly waving his arms in the back ground…you can miss him…he’s in a head to toe tight green outfit! Here are some screen shots of Hot Kyle:




Here is the video of Hot Kyle waving in the background!

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We talked about a story of how a student was suspended for shooting spitballs. Andrew Mikel was suspended from Spotsylvania High School in December after the 14-year-old used a plastic tube to blow small plastic pellets at fellow students. Mikel has said it was a stupid prank. School officials called it possession and use of a weapon. Police were called and the boy was charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault. Mikel was also suspended for the remainder of the school year. An attorney asked the court to reverse Mikel’s suspension, contending that school officials violated his due process rights.The attorney also said that Mikel didn't intend to hurt anyone and the pellets don't meet the school code's definition of this stupid prank is now in the Supreme Court's hand!  Holy crap!!!!  Based on this story…Whether it be from your days in school, or at work…Why did you get suspended? Here are the texts:

I got kicked out of school because my ex filed a false restraining order against me. I fought it and won. Rock on.

Drinkin tequila on the play ground was suspended for a week and kicked out of the d.a.r.e. Program

I got suspended in HS not because I supplied anyone with alcohol but because I knew some kids had vodka on a school bus and I didn't tell on them.

Sleeping with a teacher when in 9th grd. Stayed the night at her house on a school night, she called in sick, n we stayed there. Principal showed 2 check on her

Got susp. for 3 days cause I "rubbed" against a car with my work trk. But i got to visit in studio & stpcast. Almost worth 3 days pay. Gman Drew

Got a weeks worth of detention for not having a cover on my math book. Talk about dumb punishments...Cammi federal way

I sent my smokin hot teacher a dirty email. I got suspended for a week and never went back

I got suspended for throwing a carrot at a garbage can. I missed and didnt go pick it up. It was right in front of the vice prinicpals office. Adam in Tacoma

I hit my 7th grade english teacher in the face while trying to hit another kid and touched her boob on the way down!

My son got suspended from school for having a drawing of a pot leaf on his notebook.

I was suspended in high school when a teacher caught me having sex with this hot blonde with big boobs, right toppy!!!!!!!

Got expelled and banned for life from the Seattle art museum for setting off 25 fart bombs in strategic places and getting ratted out.

This morning we played a sampling of “Lou-Tallica”. What is that? It’s a new Lou Reed CD that is coming out, with Metallica providing the music. The new collaboration album, LuLu, out on November 1st, but they're streaming the whole thing on Here is a sampling of some of the songs…

Uhhhhh…I don’t even know what to say. I remember when first hearing that there would be a collaboration…I though this could be pretty cool & interesting, but wow…was I wrong…this is just plain awful. I get why all parties were involved, for Lou…it’s cool & different, and that is what he is all about…and for Metallica…I bet they are fans of his work, and the opportunity was something to jump at. But……….it’s like there was little to no effort in this…it sounds like a mess. Don’t take my work…here are some texts we got:

Was that Metallica mess real because it sounds like one of mono nicks terrible covers

I have to listen to the full album to judge but that song sounds like grandma farts - the milkman

Steve sounds better singing.

That sounded like a garage band learning how too play

This Lou Reed, Metallica thing is a joke, right?

Sounded like a crappy junior highschool garage band. Awful!

I've released farts with more rhythm

Gong, please

I think the sound of Steve and Lucy sharing peanut butter sounds better than this.

That Lou reed Metallica ess makes me want to shove an ice pick in my ears. Please no more.

That was horrible

Turn it off

Lou reed and metallica made an ugly ass baby with this cd!

Today's video blog is part 2 of our chat with Duff McKagan from Guns N Roses. Duff has a new book out called "It's So Easy & Other Lies".

Here is the same Vlog for you iPHONE people:

10/21/2011 3:18AM
STP's BLOG 10/21/11 "Green Man on the Today Show!"
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