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STP';s BLOG 05/03/12 "Just Do It?"

Yesterday I posted this in my blog…it was a Facebook post I made pointing out the stupidity of these protesters that broke a window at Nike Town, while wearing Nike shoes!


I actually got a few emails from people saying that I’m making up that argument and that there was no proof that any of those people were wearing Nike’s…well…I present to you the picture of the day:


Yes…he is rocking Nike’s, and yes, he’s a dip s***. So, “Suck it” doubters!, a pop culture site for men, asked a couple of private investigators who can spot a cheater the telltale signs that a woman is cheating on you. Here are 5 hidden clues that a woman is cheating on you…

1. She doesn’t want foreplay anymore. A woman who consistently just wants to cut to the chase probably means she just wants to get sex over with.

2. She tells you even more than usual about her day. They try to cover up their tracks by sharing even more information than normal.

3. … while rifling through her bag. Body language can tip you off to a cheater -- If she puts her hands in her pockets, touches her face, or pokes around in her purse for something, it’s a dead giveaway that she’s pulling one over on you.

4. She stops texting as much. At first you may not even notice when she starts to lay off the Blackberry — but when you do, it may be time to worry.

5. You never feel as though she’s nagging you.When she stops nagging, it means she doesn’t care about the relationship anymore.

Based on the 5 hidden clues a woman is cheating on you…how did you get busted? How did you bust someone? Here are the texts…

My girlfriends best friend emailed my wife on Facebook

I didn't meet the woman, but my ex saw emails in my trash folder. Worst mistake ever.

I caught a guy once by telling his friend I'd already caught him. The friend said, "how'd u find out?" I said, " u just told me."

When he posts "its been a great month, love you baby <3" on my girls Facebook wall I got a good idea.

My dad left a sex chat message with his mistress up on the computer and my mom found it when she went to pay the bills...idiot

Skippy here. I caght my now ex cheating by noticing simple tasks away from home taking longer than they should. Oh well I'm much happier now without the bitch

Thought my GF of 3 yrs was cheating on me after I left for work. Here's the method. Prepaid phone, set it to silent and auto answer when a call is received,tape phone to back of the headboard. 100% silent and 100% caught!

When the bitch came home and said shes fixed! Wtf!

My ex came home with hickies on his neck and when i asked him what they were, he said he was playing soccer with his brother and the ball bruised him on the neck. Ha ya right.

She stayed late at the bar and had her panties in her purse when she got home. she is still with the guy. hi libby.

While living with my girlfriend... I had my ex come over. After we did the deed we both took a shower. She folded her towel like a chic. When my girl got home I was busted by the towel.

Bj I was the one that got caught. And she caught me by yahoo messenger. I had it on auto sign in and she found a way to pull up the history of conversations. Which she found my sexually explictit messages back and forth with the girl I was hooking up with. Then she called me at work

And now it’s time for a picture of a cute puppy…our pup Lulu!


Three British men on vacation in Australia are accused of drunkenly breaking into a SeaWorld marine park, stripping down to their underwear for a swim with the dolphins and then making off with a penguin. The three only pieced together what happened when they found the small penguin, “Dirk,” in their rented apartment the next morning amid their hangover haze. One of the men, Rhys Jones, says, quote: “Still a bit fuzzy about the whole thing but on behalf of the three of us we are very sorry and it was just a prank which went way too far.” Police say the men — ages 18, 20 and 21 — ditched Dirk at a lagoon, where he was later found “scared and exhausted.”

Based on this…what did you steal when you were drunk? Here are the texts:

My bro in law got busted swimming with the penguins at woodland park zoo.

Ran across Safeco Feild in my boxers in 2001

I sleept with my cousins girlfriend.

Fired and thrown in jail at a company Christmas party

Dumbest thing I've done when I was drunk was shoot bottle rockets at myself

I did my best friends of 15 years mom. I was 21 she was 49...... it was awsome! Sorry luke!!

Got drunk had sex with 3 hookers got herpies

Walked a stripper on her hands & keens around my boy's apartment with a collar & chain.

I would have ran onto the field last night to lick David beckham since I was pretty drunk at the match. Alas, he didn't show up. Damn! –​christina

I got way trashed and had a threesome with two girls. But when I woke up, it was just one big girl

I got drunk and was angry with my husband because he left with some friends and i thought they wernt coming back so i took the shot gun and shot the crap out of a 66 chevy truck he just got, he came back a few minuets later!

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05/03/2012 7:50AM
STP';s BLOG 05/03/12 "Just Do It?"
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05/03/2012 8:49AM
Nike Town?
Hi Steve, This building looks a lot like a Bank of America building
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