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STP's BLOG 01/05/10 "Holy Ess"

BJ started the show off with this story….oh my God!!!!!

The Nassau County Department of Health on Long Island, New York just issued a warning to the parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Massapequa Park, New York . . . because they're at risk of having contracted HEPATITIS A. The reason why is that all might've eaten HEPATITIS-TAINTED COMMUNION WAFERS on Christmas. At two of the church's Christmas Masses . . . the ones at 10:30 A.M. and noon . . . one of the priests giving communion had Hepatitis A, and it's believed he could've transmitted it to the wafers. About 1,300 people attended those services. Fortunately, Hep A is one of the more mild forms of hepatitis. It's not permanent, it's rarely fatal, there's a vaccine, and some people don't even show symptoms.

How soon until anti-religious folks decide to use this to their advantage & accuse Jesus of having “Hep A”? After all it does represent his body. Ok, probably not. The messed up part is that they are thinking the priest had fecal matter on his fingers…Holy Sh**…literally!!!!! C’mon Father…wash your hands before passing the wafers out. I wonder if anyone said this while receiving communion: “Hmmm…I didn’t realize they made chocolate covered wafers?”

Not sure if you have seen this, if not…you are in the minority as I think every other Facebook posting I saw yesterday had this on their page…

Wow…what a voice on that guy!!!! This is pretty cool…truly shows off the power of radio… Ted Williams, the now world famous "Homeless DJ," joined the Dave & Jimmy Show in Columbus Ohio (WNCI) this morning for a special guest appearance.

While on air, the offers and money began to flow. First up was a producer from MTV who called with an offer to fly out to LA to be their guest announcer; he called him "The Susan Boyle of DJ's.Then an employee from the Cleveland Cavaliers invited Edwards to join their organization, which also owns Quicken Loans, with a full-time job. She also offered to finance a home for him.

Rumor has it that OJ’s daughter forgives OJ for allegedly murdering her mom. She believes that he is the killer, but she wants to make peace with him. Ok, she is crazy. There is no way. If my dad killed my dog I would never forgive him, let alone my mom. Mono-Nick shared a powerful story of how he never thought he could forgive his dad for attempting suicide, but he did. That being said…we asked people if there is someone they will never forgive, or if they forgave someone even though they never thought they would.

Jason – Will never forgive his dad for killing his step-mom

Randy – a friend forgave her for sleeping with her husband

Ladonna – Can’t forgive her brother in-law for sleeping with his cousin (cue banjos)

There were a ton of really compelling & heavy stories.

So we read that Dr. Dre sold almost all of his record collection…but kept Nirvana’s Bleach. This posed a question…What is that one album that you could never part with? For me, obviously it’s ABBA’s greatest Hits. Ok, not really…for me, hands down Guns N Roses “Appetite For Destruction”…the funny thing is that I have this album on vinyl, I have 2 copies of it on CD, and a cassette copy too…plus I have it on my Zune too. I have my ass covered on all angles. Here is what others said:

Toppy: Iron Maiden – Powerslave

The Rev: KoRn

Brian: Tool – Aenima

Zach: Temple Of the Dog

Steve: Scorpions – Gorky Park

Clover: Nirvana – Bleach

Chad: Mother Love Bone (this is my #3)

Cajun: NIN -- Pretty Hate Machine

Warren: Rage Against The Machine (Debut CD)

Meenah: Deftones – White Pony

Stephen: Faith No More – Angel Dust (this is my #2)

Will: Metallica -- Garage Days Revisited

Ken: Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla

Today’s video blog features some great breakfast we got, and a box that Toppy received!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

01/05/2011 8:23AM
STP's BLOG 01/05/10 "Holy Ess"
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