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STP's BLOG 01/06/11 "At Work"

This morning we talked about how some dude walked into a Chevron in Bellevue (next to the Pancake Coral according to BJ) with a knife & he wound up getting shot. Plus we talked about a tree cutter in Bremerton that was over 70 feet in the air yesterday when his harness malfunctioned & he fell to his death. This got us talking about how crazy that must have been for his co-workers on site…which posed this question: What crazy thing have you seen at work? The Rev, back when he was a security guard he was there when a co-worker’s colostomy bag exploded at work. I remember seeing a guy commit suicide when I worked at the radio station down stairs…a guy jumped from the building across the street & I saw it. Here were some of the calls that we took:

Tucker – Drove by that scene we were talking about, the shooting at the gas station. He’s a garbage truck driver, and he drove by & saw the dead body.

Randy – Worked on a tug boat, while cutting a wire…he got pierced in the back, broke 2 vertebrae & one rib.

Ryan – He’s a concert security guard…while at a Foo Fighters show saw a guy land on a girl while crowd surfing…her head slammed on the barricade & her scalp ripped off her head

Jason -- Cleaning a bar at a hotel…at 4 am he saw Vanilla Ice walk out & started stealing booze. After Vanilla Ice left…Jason & his buddy also stole some topshelf booze & said that Vanilla Ice stole that too.

Aaron -- Working at the bowling alley in Shelton when a homeless guy punched his co-worker and then crapped everywhere in the bathroom…they found him smearing it all over the walls.

I got this email…if you could help this fellow rock-a-holic out, that would be great!!!!

My Friend Kayla needs a double lung transplant and we have some local events to help raise money for her cause. She has Cystic Fibrosis and is a Sr. at Jackson High School. Please help us help Kayla Breathe. Pochi's is helping host this event to raise awareness. We are currently trying to raise $50,000 so she can get a double lung transplant and live longer, all donations are welcome! They will be accepted inside Pochis or outside in the parking lot! Decals are 1/$3 or 2/$5 Wristbands 1/$2 and Shirts are 1/$15 Come anytime between 1:00pm and 7:00pm! Sunday, January 9. Pochi Lifestyle 1211 164th St SW Ste 102 Lynnwood, WA You can also go to www.CotaforkaylaH.Com

Based on yesterdays topic of what is one CD/Record that you will never part with, BJ decided to switch gears today as he is more of a movie guy…so we asked what is one DVD/Blue Ray/VHS that you will always own. I have a few…Rocky of course, but honorable mention to Beer Fest, Slap Shot, Miracle, Bad Santa, and Pootie Tang. Here are some of the calls and messages we got on this topic:

Alec – Band Of Brothers
Jessica – Rocky Horror Picture Show
Cody – Saving Private Ryan
Lorne – Big Lebowski
Brock – Heat
Eric -- Goonies
Sharon – Super Troopers
Joy – 3 Amigos
Shane – Hot Fuzz
Marian -- The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai.

Today's Video Blog is of us just hanging I check on what everyone is doing.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

01/06/2011 7:32AM
STP's BLOG 01/06/11 "At Work"
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01/06/2011 1:28PM
Curtis Southwell
Thanks guys for your support
01/06/2011 5:43PM
Curtis Southwell
Hey guys thanks for the write up. Funny thing....i gave you the wrong day its suppose to be sunday. Sorry for the mis-information
01/06/2011 6:23PM
Teri Healy
The car meet is actually this SUNDAY, January 9. Secure donations can also be made online at and you can get updates for upcoming events and hear about how Kayla is doing on our facebook page!/pages/COTA-for-Kayla-H/181636285186539 Hope to see everyone there on Sunday!
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