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STP's BLOG 04/07/11 "Crying Kid"

Sometimes we have arguments about the dumbest stuff…seriously, the dumbest stuff…this fight stemmed from this video:

BJ was PISSED at the dad….he said that this dad is an embarrassment & awful for making his kid cry. I called BS on that and kindly asked BJ to change his tampon…the dad was just having fun, and yes the kid cried…but kids cry over anything. That video was hilarious! And it pains me to say that as I am siding with a Red Sox fan! That’s part of why I don’t want children…they cry over no good reason, and then the kid is fine, and then they cry again, fine again, cry again…on and on and on! BJ was projecting his own childhood issues & made a blanket statement about how that kid was being abused. He said that the kid will be TRAUMATIZED from this!!!! This was a polarizing battle…Toppy agreed with BJ, and the Rev was on team brilliant & agreed with me. As dumb of an argument that this was…the texts blew up on this one…here is a sampling of the ton of texts we got:

Take the tampon out. The kid would be just as traumatized if he was told he could not watch television.....

My dad was like that when i was a kid. One time i licked a freshner capsul from a vitiman bottle and my dad told me i was going to die. Of course i cried

I'm with you Steve! They have daddy issues, lol

Bj bitches about the vaginization of society and now he is acting like a vagina

My parents use to tell me they were going to sell me to the Jipsies till i cried and screamed all the time and im fine now

Bj I used to tell my daughter I was gonna give her away to another family that wants a whinner when she was 4 shes now 10 and doesn't remember it at all

That kid is going to laugh his ass off when he grows up and sees that vid.

Steve is use to being told he's wrong for what he likes. Like Lucy in his special way

Bj has been brainwashed by psycologists. Grow a pair. I agree with rev and steve.

this show makes me want to see a therapist

Stev! I think u should change your tampon!

I screw with my kid for fun... not to make him cry but to make him tougher for when life really kicks him in the ass... plus its kind of fun –​ shaun

BJ get the sand out of your ****. Your vagina is showing. What if the boy says he like boys would you discourage that? Right on REV. And STEVE.

Steve is an idiot

Look how fast he turned off the tears when someone else started talking im with stp change your tampon.

I have to agree with bj. Stevs a little beotch

Steve take away their man cards please

And what kid likes an 0 and 5 team?

Steve is right. Bj is is a bag of gas blowing totally blowing it out of proportion. The kid is totally fake crying. The kid doesnt know what he likes

BJ is right. Steve is clueless.

Steve thank god you dont have kids. The kid is too young for that kind joking

Today’s Video Blog is part 2 of our interview with Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready…Mike talks about Pearl Jam’s future plans in this clip.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

04/07/2011 5:18AM
STP's BLOG 04/07/11 "Crying Kid"
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