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STP's BLOG 05/03/10 Haters!

This morning we were live again. If you were listening on Thursday morning, BJ was in a foul mood based on a meeting with management on Wednesday. BJ took his issues to the airwaves, and was pulled off air regarding this. BJ was then off Friday, and this morning he addressed it, and then talked about how by not being on air for two days has pissed off some listeners. BJ decided to take calls from people that listen so that they could share what issues they have with BJ & our show…here are some of the calls we received:

Rick – Doesn’t like it when he refers to religious people as “stupid”

Dave – Hates when BJ makes the same point several times & goes in a circular argument.

Way High Window Guy – Hates when BJ walks off the show & we have to play Best Of’s…would rather hear Nut Hut or Undead Radio

Anthony W – Hates the way he uses studies loosely.

Mike – Hates that we don’t play Music

Melissa – Hates that BJ is mean to females….would usually not call in as she is scared of BJ yelling at her & asking her is she has children, or is a “crack whore” – of course I then asked her if she is a “crack whore.”

Trevin – BJ always cuts off people that argue with him.

So over the weekend I jogged Greenlake. I probably walked for about 5% of the time, and the rest of the time I jogged…my lady was impressed that I could do it since I have never jogged until recently when I tried doing it on the treadmill. I do have to say I am slow as a turtle out there, and I also learned that trying to speak while jogging is not easy…unless you want to pass out.

This was an awesome weekend to watch hockey, especially if you are a fan of goaltending…the Bruins vs Flyers game was AWESOME with Savard winning it for the Bruins, and that game was topped by the Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins game…first of all the Canadiens shouldn’t even be in the second round (as they [played the Caps in the first round), but now I know why they are in the 2nd round….it’s because of their goalie Jaroslav Halak…wow, this guy was unstoppable yesterday as the Habs beat the Pens 3 to 1. The night ended great with the Sharks beating the Red Wings…this was great because I hate the Red Wings & will always root against them.

This morning we played a clip from a song off the new Stone Temple Pilots CD…as they are streaming a new song on I have to say, and this pains me…but I have heard the whole STP CD, and it’s not good. I wish I could say otherwise…I was so excited to hear this CD as I am anxiously awaiting the mark of their return…I spent all weekend listening to it hoping that it would get better, but it didn’t. It sounds like the guys mailed it in, and forgot to use a distortion pedal on the songs as well. Which is beyond disappointing…the last time I was excited for a CD like I was for this, it was the new Alice In Chains…that time around I was stoked by how great “Black Gives Way To Blue” was..I still love that CD…we even got an email regarding Alice In Chains:

When I first bought black gives way to blue, I listened to it a few times and thought it was really awesome. Then I listened to it again last Friday, and it really blew me away at just how awesome it really is. So I listened to their whole catalogue this weekend, and really, black gives way to blue really stands up to their other material. It is such a complete album, just simply awesome.


I couldn’t agree more with Mikey!

Today’s Video Blog features us sending Vicky Barcelona off to get us breakfast at Burger King!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

05/03/2010 8:10AM
STP's BLOG 05/03/10 Haters!
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