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STP's BLOG 05/10/11 "Cliff em' All"

I lost a little respect for Topshelf this morning. Ok, not really, but Toppy…and BJ…are nuts to say that Ghostbusters is over-rated & doesn’t stand the test of time. That’s just crazy talk! BJ said that the special effects are dated…sure they are, but Ghostbusters is not about the effects, it’s not Avatar afterall…it’s all about the comedy. Memorable lines, funny moments…Ghostbusters is one of those movies that if I am flipping channels & it’s on, I will stop & watch some of it. Plus…it has the greatest movie song ever:

This text sums it up best:

Ghostbusters will live forever!!

Congrats to the Vancouver Canucks…they are moving on to the conference finals & one step closer to the Stanley Cup, as they took out the Nashville Predators 2-1 last night. The only bummer was that they won it in Nashville…it would have been great to watch the Canucks fans losing it in Vancouver.

So on Today’s STP-CAST podcast, we talk to Mick Wall…he wrote a great book about Metallica called “Enter Night” – a MUST have for any Metallica fan. I thought I knew a lot about Metallica, but this book will give you even more insight into the band. I learned some really cool stuff from the book…this nugget was really interesting: Right before Cliff Burton died in that tour bus crash, Cliff & James were having serious thoughts of kicking Lars out of the band & replacing him with Dave Lombardo of Slayer. Wow. That would have changed things for the band. Had it not been for Cliff’s passing…Lars & James probably wouldn’t have grown so close together. There are a ton of great stories in this book, check out my podcast to hear the interview.

Another cool tidbit of info from Mick regarding Metallica, was that Cliff Burton had the bass line for “For Whom The Bell Tolls” (that amazing bass lead in the beginning of the song) many years before he was in Metallica…check this video out…it was from a battle of the bands, Cliff was in a band called Agents Of Misfortune with Jim Martin (from Faith No More)….does that bass riff sound familiar?

In a new survey, Americans made it very clear that in a house fire, nostalgia and memories are more important than electronics.

--The survey asked: In a house fire, after you knew your loved ones and pets were safe, what one item would you try to save from your home? And PHOTOS were by far the number one answer, getting 53% of the vote.

--Electronics only got 12%.

--A specific item of clothing came in third, at 10% . . . jewelry was fourth, at 9% . . . and a particular book was fifth, at 3%.

Based on this…we asked people what they would save…for me, I would grab my hockey goalie bag with the gear in it…that crap is EXPENSIVE!!! Here are some of the texts we got:

My husband without a doubt would save his authentic 49er helmet personally signed by Joe Montana. He made the trip to San Fran just to get is signed and he said in case of a fire I am to save the kids and he will save the helmet

I would grab my computers hard drive. I've digitized all my important papers and photos to an external hard drive. Knighthawk

I would save my video camera that holds my ex girlfriends sex tapes. Liquor and whores! Travis from Everett

My bass guitar I have insurance on everything else

If my place was burning down, I would grab my Gibson SG and weed.

My american flag I got when I retired from the US Army

I would take my beer and sex toys. My husband and I have spent a few bucks on some really nice glass pieces, and you're never aloud to waste good beer.

Definitely my midget servants. They are like family to me -J.Mo

Hockey gear is saved first. A cup worn in national championships isn't replaceable.

I would save my DC Direct Alex Ross' Justice collection. No one does Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Zatanna better then Alex Ross.

I would save the mr potatoe head i dressed to look like ryan castle

Today’s Video Blog features Jeetz on the streets…Cinco De Mayo edition!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

05/10/2011 6:02AM
STP's BLOG 05/10/11 "Cliff em' All"
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