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STP's BLOG 06/02/10 "Ahhh...Enumclaw"

Ya gotta feel for Enumclaw…the poor city is not known for some great things…sure it has the Yella Beak where you can play horse shoe outside, but when you say Enumclaw…the first thing that comes to mind is Ken Pinion, AKA Mr. Hands…the guy that died at the hands of a horse. Ok…it wasn’t at the “hands” of the horse…it was something else that perforated his colon & killed him. So when you go online to read local news in the morning & see a story that says something like this, your mind immediately goes into the stable:

“An Enumclaw high school teacher is on paid leave for an investigation of animal cruelty.”

Turns out the story is INSANE! This teacher is accused of spaying & neutering live cats during class. What the hell? That is so crazy…the messed up part was that when the class freaked out by what the teacher was doing…the teacher told a student to “quit being a p****y” – Ok, that part is a lie…just a bad pussycat joke from yours truly. To make matters even crazier...I guess this teacher allegedly strangled a baby possum in class too?? Who is this teacher?? Ted Nugent?

Here is a strange email:

I know my morning is EFFED when I wake up from a dream where BJ and Steve are running a barber shop, Annabelle is cutting my hair, the Revs in the back eating donuts, Double R and Toppy are drunk, and Thee Ted Smith from the Men’s Room rolls in with a keg of Men’s Room Red beer. BJ and Steve were just standing there talking about drinking with a bum all day but refusing to work and Annabelle was in a barber stripper outfit.

There's no point to this email, nor a reason, just thought I'd share.

So Al & Tipper Gore just announced they are splitting. This is shocking because when he ran for president he took the “family values” angle, and 8 years ago Tipper did an interview about how too many people “give up” on marriage, and patted herself on the back for making her marriage work. Oops…I bet she wished her husband didn’t invent the internet so that audio like this wasn’t easily accessible. Wouldn’t it be funny if the straw that broke the camel’s back for the break up was that she found some Twisted Sister & Judas Priest CD’s in his collection (Tipper is the PMRC idiot that is responsible for those Parental Advisory stickers, etc back in the 80’s). Isn’t it funny that all politicians have unattractive wives? It must be for political reasons why they all seem to have women full of masculine, intelligent, unattractive energy. You never see a politician with a hot trophy wife…usually the chicks they are married to have bad hair & cankles.

So there is an internet campaign to have Donald Glover (from the TV show Community) play Spiderman in the re-boot of the film.  Donald is a black dude, and the debate is whether or not a black guy should play the role of Peter Parker.  I say no.  My reasoning is that when it comes to iconic figures, you shouldn't have someone play that person that doesn't look like that character.  That would be like an Elephant playing Scooby Doo, or Antonio Banderas playing the role of Tiger Woods in a film about makes no sense!!!!

Today’s Video Blog features Rock Girl Christy!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

06/02/2010 7:59AM
STP's BLOG 06/02/10 "Ahhh...Enumclaw"
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