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STP's BLOG 06/17/10 "Groom?"

The morning started off with BJ running late…and whenever he is late we start the show off with the Bill O’Reilly “We’ll Do It Live” drop.

Based on that “we’ll do it live” line, I made mention of “Is it live or is it Memorex?” I realized soon after it came out of my mouth, that I completely dated myself…not only is that line super old, but when I started explaining the commercial to Double R, I realized the commercial was for a brand of cassette tapes…wow, that completely dated myself. If you don’t remember the commercial…check it:

We then started talking about our first cars that we owned, both BJ & Toppy had pretty sweet cars as their first vehicle. Toppy had a 67’ Mustang, and BJ had a 72’ Mercury Comet…that tops my sweet 1981 Chevy Malibu Classic station wagon. I joke about my first car, but I would love to still have it in my possession…that car was a beast. One time I fell asleep at the wheel, slammed into a stop sign…the stop sign & pole went flying, and it left a minor dent. My ride was the type of car where you didn’t need to worry about merging…people got outta your way, as this car was like a tank coming at em’.

We came across this story…about grooming with men….

According to a new survey, 47% of men now do at least a LITTLE grooming below the neck.

--That jumps to 61% for men between 18 and 29.

--The most popular areas to trim, in order, are:

1. Groin
2. Armpits
3. Chest
4. Back
(New York Times)

Toppy is the only one that “manscapes” the #1 in the above mentioned list. I will from time to time trim my arm hair (a #2 attachment on a hair razor) because I have Robin Williams like hairy arms. Double R doesn’t groom anything. Mono-Nick will groom his chest hair, and the #1 as well. The Rev doesn’t do anything. BJ has groomed in the past, the #1, but not anymore. I have to say this…under no circumstances…should a man shave his arm pits. That’s just strange…unless you are a wrestler.

Today’s video blog features something strange Double R is rubbing on himself…something called Kwaan Loom or Loob or something like that.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

06/17/2010 6:34AM
STP's BLOG 06/17/10 "Groom?"
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06/18/2010 5:20AM
I heard the audio from The Crying Spell. Searched on the web to the facebook link, album cover looks pretty cool!
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