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STP's BLOG 07/19/11 "77 years old!!!"

There is a 77-Year-Old Congressman in Iowa, I don’t know what his political beliefs are…nor do I care...and the reason being is what he did recently. Seriously…run for president buddy, you have my vote. The 77-year-old Congressman in Iowa’s name is Leonard Boswell , and on Saturday night, he was hanging out on his farm with his 75-year-old wife Dody, his daughter Cindy, and his 22-year-old grandson Mitchell. Around 10:45 P.M., an armed robber busted in through the front door of the house, attacked Leonard's daughter Cindy in the entryway, and demanded money. Only problem is that he picked the wrong old congressman to mess with…when Leonard heard Cindy screaming, he decided to take and attacked the robber!!! While he was wrestling with the guy, his grandson grabbed a shotgun from another room, and pointed it at the robber. The guy finally decided to bail, and ran off into the woods surrounding the farm. So far, he's still on the loose. Leonard's been representing Iowa's 3rd District for eight terms in Congress. He's also a war vet who flew helicopters in Vietnam. How bad ass is that guy? Seriously…if they made a movie about him, Clint Eastwood HAS to play Leonard…call it “Gramps With A Gun” or something like that. You picked the wrong elderly man to Eff with punk! This was a great story! It led to us taking calls from people that have had to fight crime at some point in their life…here are some of the texts we received:

6 years ago I came out of the shower to find a guy trying to rape my wife I grabbed my bat and swung for his head found out it was her office stalker...

I was working at the broadway Safeway, a guy was hassling the berista so I went out to confront him. He took a swing at me and caught me with a glancing blow, I swung back and laid him out. The cops showed up and said it was self defense even though he was about 130 and I was 220.

When my ma was in her thirties living alone in tuson az she was held at knife point in her apartment by a robber she bit off his ear and chased him down the street with her 357 mag blazing only to realize she was nude

I stopped a shoplifter n front of bartels n the middle of 5th ave at westlake center with a rear naked choke nice

My friend chased a guy down the street in his underwear shooting at him with his gun for trying to steal the battery out of truck.

A guy tried to rob me at knife point outside the puyallup lowes. I drew my 45 smiled and called him a dumbass. He dropped the knife, cried like a bitch til the cops showed

My husband fought off a gang member with his ax. by the way im a recovering addict and i wouldve never taken anything that didnt belong to me. Todd and Sarah

I once had to fight off a big bald guy that was sexually assaulting his dog needless to say lucy was thankful cause dogs have rights too. The mask vigilanty

Dang the WWE is kicking ass with their stories these days…the latest storyline is that Triple H (Vince McMahon’s son in law) showed up to Raw to tell Vince that all the execs are questioning if Vince is in his right mind to still run the company, and Triple H has been appointed to take control of the WWE and fire Vince…it was an awesome moment…check it out:

I love the part where Cena threatens to go to another TV Wrestling show…”Brother!”

Today we played the audio of Dave Grohl going off on a fan that was fighting during the Foo Fighters set….Grohl is awesome!

Based on this we asked people for their stories of when they were kicked out of somewhere…or when someone they know was kicked out…here are some of the texts:

A friend of mine was at a concert up in snowquamy pass. He got kicked out for throwing snow balls

Got kicked out of a bar for busting a guys lip opened ,for calling me a whore....i gave him a chance to say he was sorry ...but he refused....

Good morning guys, went to the killswitch/dragonforce/sword concert a few years back and my buddy rob thought it was a great idea to save time to pee on the legs of the fellow mash-​pitter in front of him

i also got kicked out of the lynnwood pool for life back in 1982 when i was 13years old for trying to beat up the manager

I got kicked out of the Tacoma dome in 2006 at Monday night raw for chanting "f*** john cena"

I got got banging my girlfriend in the back of the library and got baned for all 4 years

I had a friend kicked out of a strip club after a WWF show for asking the undertaker and the big show if what they do is fake.

My bf and I got kicked outta Fox's for lewd contact!

When I was 18 I got Kicked out of a medieval fair for challenging some guy to a duel over his lady and drawing my sword. first and last event I went to.

Was thrown out of a strip club in the canada after I threw up on a stripper. ~ Stu, Ft. Lewis

I got kicked out me giggles for laughing to giggleing to loud:-​)

I Gave My Friend $1000 To Poop In One Of The Toilets In a hardware store. And He Got Band From There

I was hanging out with STP when i got kicked out....of his room. The peanut butter got thin and i accidently bit him. ......Lucy

Today's Video Blog features the Rev & Vicky checking out a band loved by felllow geeks...Kirby Krackle!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

07/19/2011 6:06AM
STP's BLOG 07/19/11 "77 years old!!!"
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