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STP's BLOG 09/09/11 "Lefty Steve"

Hey some of you know I do a podcast, it's called the STP-CAST...and it's a weekly podcast that I do with Toppy, The Rev, and Mono-Nick...and it's a lot of fun...we discuss a lot of random stuff, and if you are looking to waste some time at work or while driving (it's on the app) should listen to it. Find it here:

The reason why I bring it up is because we are one of the nominees for Best Local podcast on KING 5's Best Of Western Washington. I think it would be hilarious if our dumb podcast won...if you have time...please vote for us! You can do so by following the link below (also...please spread the word via Facebook):

This Sunday is the 10 year anniversary of 9/11…I can’t believe that was 10 years ago. Ugh…I remember being on the air downstairs (at The End), and our intern walked in with a not just as we were going to go to commercials, and the note said “A plane just hit the World Trade Center” – Andy (Savage) then read that we just learned that a plane hit the Trade Center & that we will take a break and find out more info. We go to commercials, and run to the other room where we have a TV station, and see the second plane hit. The horror. The rest of the show was a wash…I remember we talked to a woman at a Starbucks in NY near the WTC, and the sound in her voice was gut wrenching. I spent the rest of the show trying to reach my friends and family, which was a losing battle as the phone lines were jammed. My thoughts & prayers will be with all those that were affected by 9/11.

This morning I shared a dumb tidbit of info about myself. I am a lefty, but pretty much when it comes to writing & eating. Everything else I am a righty (hockey, drumming, throwing, bowling, etc). I gues when I was little my gramps tried to tie my left arm behind my back to train me to do things righty, as back then it was looked down upon if you were left handed. How crazy is that? Oh…for those that want to know, and I don’t know why you want to know….yes, that I do lefty as well. Well sharing this struck a nerve, and I got a ton of texts and emails from others that have this same “issue”…here are a couple of them:

Steve, Im a lefty as well. Eating/ writing. Righty for everything else. Worked nicely for arm wrestling cause everyone thought it was my week arm. Peace, Sean

I hear ya Steve.....Im right handed and I bat and golf left, I get all kinds of questions about that.

Im like u steve im a lefty that does everything righty except writing

Meeee too, Steve! I'm lefty too but do alot with my right. And I switch hit. And bowl right.

Nowadays a lefty is a blessing in baseball! Jon in Monroe

I'm the exact same way all right handed except writing

I'm left handed but I write with my right hand because my dad wouldn't except the fact that I was left and forced me to write with my right hand... He also made me golf right handed for two years! I blame all lifes problems on my confusion of not knowing what hand to use! Your not alone

The Seahawks season kicks off this Sunday in San Francisco. Go Hawks…the season is here!!! Finally. As we were talking about this, Mono Nick popped into the studio & interrupted us…why? Well he had one of his awesome lists…this time it was: Mono-Nick’s Top 3 Signs The Seahawks Are Gonna Suck This Season. Here they are:

--They are starting Tavaris Jackson over a man that looks like Jesus, and if we have learned anything from The Big's that you don't mess with the jesus. cue steve to play drop.

--Even the Kardashians won't have sex with any of the Hawks...and they are whores!

And the number one reason why the Seahawks will Suck This Season...

--Bikini Baristas have adopted Pete Carroll's motto "Earn Everything" and they surely are...they have stripper poles and are exposing areola's...that sure beats Beast Mode!!

Mono-Nick cracks me up…not only because his jokes are funny, but because he wrote himself a note to cue me to play a Big Lebowski audio clip, and instead of just cueing me…he actually read out loud: “cue steve to play drop.” Way to bo Mono-Nick Burgundy! Which led to this great text:

“That was effing hilarious! "Stay classy San Diego, I'm Mono Nick?"

I just got this email…any help you can provide would be appreciated…

Can you please ask BJ if he can ask the rockaholics to keep an eye out for my cousin Nikolas Ngo, he's a navy sailor from Whidbey Island that went missing yesterday. He was last seen on his blue Kawasaki license plate 6B4988. If any one has any information please call the police! Your help would mean alot to my family. Thanks guys, love the show.
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09/09/2011 3:19AM
STP's BLOG 09/09/11 "Lefty Steve"
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