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STP's BLOG 09/13/10 "A Toast for the...."

This morning we made the big announcement…we are throwing a big party that features some great comedy! On November 5th we will have the BJ Shea Comedy Riot starring Norm McDonald, Kyle Cease, and Craig Gass. Tix on sale Saturday…get all the details here:

So this weekend BJ went to Portland for a Magic The Gathering tournament…yes a Magic Tournament!!! Do you think the battles in Magic are like a Karate match, and people gather around & cheer the combatants on like in Karate Kid…only they scream “Sweep the Black Lotus card BJ, sweep the Black lotus!” Don’t fear fellow Magic haters…I have no idea what a Black Lotus card is…I just asked BJ so I could write that dumb joke from a sentence ago…and BJ went on to tell me that it is the most expensive card out there. Cool. The big question was this…while in Portland, did BJ go to The Acropolis. Sadly no, but based on how Joe & his buds talked about “The ‘Crop” quite a bit during the day & then Joe conveniently forgot to call BJ later at night when him & his buds went to eat…my feeling is that Joe got to sample Steak & Strippers!!! Atta boy Joe…way to blow off pops for a good meal…..and boobies!!!

I watched the Video Music Awards the other night…I can’t believe that was the 27th annual VMA…damn I’m getting old…I remember when I used to actually care about this & would get excited to watch it. I only watched it because we caught up on the Great truck Race on the Food Network…what an amazing show…a bunch of food trucks tour the country & compete…Go Grill Em’ All!!!! Ok, back to the VMA’s…here is my take…like I said last year, that who “Imma let you finish” moment with Kanye West when he interrupted Taylor Swift & the whole world cried would be the best thing that ever happened to Taylor. If you ask me, I was right…she was everyone’s darling this year, and at the VMA’s this year, both her & Kanye performed (separately) songs that were rumored to be about what happened back then. I have to say…I typically hate Taylor Swifts music…ok, I hate every song I have ever heard…but her song about Kanye was pretty good. Not that I would buy it, but it was pretty good. Kanye’s song was AMAZING. I know people like to hate on Mr. West, but the guy is talented & he showed it off during his performance, as he constructed parts of the song on a drum machine on the fly…plus the chorus to his song was bad ass:

"Let's have a toast for the douchebags, Let's have a toast for the ass****s, Let's have a toast for the scumbags, Every one of them that I know…Let's have a toast to the jerkoffs, That'll never take work off, Baby, I got a plan….Run away fast as you can!!!"

The most depressing part of the VMA’s (besides Chelsea Handlers sad attempt at being edgy…I’m sorry Annabelle, I know you love her…but I just don’t get the appeal) was seeing Justin Beiber perform…my God is he AWFUL, and the fact that he then jumped behind a drumset & rocked it really well behind the kit hurt my brain. Why do women, adult women, go nuts about this kid????

I watched Entourage’s season finale…damn those guys always have the best cliff hangers, and this was no exception. The early part of the season sucked but it got real good towards the end as Vince was going into a serious coke infused downward spiral!!!!! Next season is the final season…how crazy would it be if they killed Vince off!!!

Today's Video Blog is all about the Halo Reach event at the EMP last night...Intern Annabelle was there & here is her report:

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

09/14/2010 6:47AM
STP's BLOG 09/13/10 "A Toast for the...."
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