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STP's BLOG 09/13/11 "ESS BOMB"

Hey if you haven’t done so yet…please take a minute out of your day & vote for the STP-CAST as your favorite podcast in the Best Of Western Washington thing that King 5 is doing…we are in 15th place right now, and I am sure a few more votes will get us into the top 10. Just a little more time left so please vote, and share this link on your facebook…it would be ridiculous if we became the #1 podcast!

Did you watch Monday Night Football last night? I switched back 7 forth between that & Monday Night Raw…but as I was watching the Tom Brady show…AKA Patriots Vs. Dolphins…Ron Jaworski dropped the “S” Bomb…it was awesome!!!! Check out Jaw’s casualy saying S***.


BJ had a conspiracy theory…he is wondering since many cable shows (especially on FX) will let the “S” Bomb fly (makes me think of that South park episode where they use the word 162 times)…possibly ESPN is trying to work that into their broadcasts. I doubt it as ESPN is Disney owned, and until Mickey calls Minnie a “See You next Tuesday”, I doubt they would be on board for letting the announcers curse. Although it would be awesome…Imagine the commentators saying “Touchdown Chad OchoCinco…look at his end zone celebration…that’s some crazy s***!” Hell…I would love it if the old announcers in baseball could use the word…I would watch America’s past time all the time: “3 – 2 pitch…the pitcher winds up…oh no I just s*** my pants…a little outside, ball 4”. Ok, I doubt they would go that far!

I am so excited for this movie…I bet I can get Toppy to go see this with me as it has Sean William Scott in it. Stiffler + Hockey = A STP/Toppy Classic! This movie is supposed to come out in 2012…not soon enough!!!!


Sunday night was the series finale of "Entourage." Vince dropped a bomb on the guys that he is getting married, and the guys dropped a bomb on Vince as Eric & Sloan are haing a kid. The other bigf story line was that Ari’s wife was leaving him this season because he wasn’t attentive enough…so in the series finale Ari quit his job in order to save his marriage. After the final credits rolled, there is one final scene where Ari and his wife are in Italy, and the phone rings and it is John from the studio offering Ari a job to take his spot & make tons of cash. That’s how they ended the show…with a cliffhanger…so they are setting the stage for either the movie that is in talks of being made…or (I hope) a spin off starring Ari. It was a pretty cool way to end the show…Vince was able to get the whole crew back on top again…and helped them all be in a position to succeed without him. I liked that a finale ended on a high note. We got some reviews from the Rock-A-Holics…here were a couple of the texts:

Show had gotten lame, but still a fan. No sex this season sucked, but loved the final scene!

Love the show, but no boobs this whole season? What the hell

Going out of my way to never c a episode. Enterage sux...just like starwars. Craig in lacey

Hahaha…that was a great text…we then took calls & texts about what was your favorite TV series finale…here are some of the texts we got:

I liked the final episode of Newheart, where he wakes up next to his wife from the Bob Newheart Show. -​Marshall of Lynnwood-

The lost series finally was the best ever. It gave a lot of closure but still left me saying what the ef is going on.

Best series finale MASH

All time best season ending, bob newhart's referring back to his first tv show.

Fresh prince was the best series ender

My favorite series finale is trailer park boys.

Top two of all times Mash and Cheers

Haven't seen the end of Entourage yet but the end of Rescue Me was amazing.

Terrence Howard has apologized to the man he THREATENED TO KILL a few weeks ago. On August 31st, Terrence left a voicemail on a guy's phone but the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Apparently, the guy was out drinking with a female friend who believed she'd gotten a hold of Terrence's phone number. She decided to make a prank call, professing her love of Terrence. But her phone was dead, so she used the guy's. And as it turned out, she wasn't calling Terrence's phone, she was calling his wife's. Here's the message Terrence left, when he thought the guy was someone who'd been harassing his wife. When Terrence Howard found out the whole thing was a misunderstanding, he called the guy back and apologized. Here are the voicemails:

Based on that, finish this sentence: “Looking Back, It was probably a bad idea I did ______.” Here are some of the texts we got:

Looking back, I should not have slept with a friends girlfriend. But her and I have been together for two years. Was it an even trade? Who knows. From Greg

Fishing with bullet bombs. Got busted, had to pay a fine and clean up the lake I was fishing at.

Bad idea to rob a subway sanswich store @ 17. Got caught and lost ROTC Scholarship to Boston University Pre-​Med Program. Drunk, stoned and stupid!

Bad idea i called the bartender a “see you next Tuesday”. . . In front of her 3 friends who were twice my size and half as drunk.

I punched my friends dad in the face over a drunken card game

Shouldn't have dropped a duece on my friends porch cause they wouldn't let me in the party

First time I got stoned, I called my mom and told her I was stoned, and couldn't quit laughing.

Coke…it’s a hell of a drug

wish i hadnt slept with my bosses daughter, during work hours, in an office down the hall from my bosses

Broke up with my wife. Drove by the house 6 months later and slashed the tires in her bfs car. Kinda regret it now.

Today's Video Blog features us wearing pink for a friend of the show!

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE user in you.

09/13/2011 2:49AM
STP's BLOG 09/13/11 "ESS BOMB"
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