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STP's BLOG 09/28/10 "TV!"

So last night I once again watched Dancing with the Stars with the woman, and once again Florence Henderson looked hot…I know, I know, she is 76! We were both also surprised by how attractive Jennifer Grey looks these days…yes, “Baby” is out of the corner & is “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s funny, as we were watching the episode both of us were annoyed with her personality, then they go to a piece about her & how she has screws and bolts in her neck due to a battle with cancer etc…almost like as if the show knew we were hating on her & wanted to make us feel bad. We then looked online to see how old “Baby” is these days, and she is 50!!!! I have to say, “Dancing With The Stars” is knocking it outta the park with hot older chicks. Coug-ahs!

You know what show we watched last week that we dug? Mike & Molly. It’s a really funny show…some critics say it’s one big fat joke as it’s about a couple that meets at an “over-eaters anonymous” meeting & start courting each other. There is some great laugh out loud moments, and it stars the very funny Billy Gardell. He’s a guy we have had in studio before, a real nice dude.

I finally jumped on the BBT bandwagon & watched Big Bang theory…damn was I missing out…what a hilarious show. The whole scene with the robot arm is so funny, even thinking of it makes me laugh. Sadly I can’t find the scene to embed on this blog (I hate when people disable embedding), but here is a link to a funy scene:

I also tried to watch “$#*! My Dad Says”, starring William Shatner. This show has been getting a ton of hype…it’s the show based on that funny twitter page where a guy actually posts the stuff that his dad says. For instance, here is a recent tweet:

"You came out of your mom looking like s***. She thought you were beautiful. Don't know what scared me most, your looks or her judgment."

Sadly the show isn’t as much fun as the twitter page….I was expecting way more & the laughs really weren’t there.

Needless to say, I am glad to see on our DVR that I have other shows recorded that don't involve wrestlers...I'm evolving I guess when it comes to my viewing habits!!!

So the owner of Segway died while driving a went off a cliff. Yes, it’s a tragic story, but we figured if you were going to leave this world, what better way than to go out with the product that you own. That being said, we asked the simple question…if you were going to die, how would you like to go out?

I think I would wanna go out one of two ways…either I die from a slapshot while playing goalie, only because that would be an epic finish (so long as the puck doesn’t go in)…or….I would wanna die while sitting front row at a WWE event…possibly a guy jumps off the top rope into the stands & lands on me…ya know…these involve pain…I think I’d rather going out while watching hockey or wrestling as I am taking a nap.

We got some calls about how some would like to “go out.”

Johnny – Cliff Jumping

Josh – Skydiving with no chute

Today’s video blog is hilarious, as we use an old school prank toy on intern Annabelle.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

09/28/2010 6:21AM
STP's BLOG 09/28/10 "TV!"
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