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STP's BLOG 09/28/11 "Birds Of War!"

You gotta love the random text messages we get…

Quick question, who do you think is more bad ass, Samuel L. Jackson or Robert DeNiro and why? -Sam R

At first I thought this was a no brainer… Sam Jackson, but then the more I think about it…I have to give the nod to DiNiro…Cape Fear…Goodfellas…Raging Bull…but most importantly…Jack in Meet the Fockers!!!!

According to a national survey by Zagat, the nationwide average for tipping is up to 19.2%. And San Francisco and Seattle tied for the LOWEST tipping averages of any major city, at 18.6%. I’m a 19-20% tipper at worst, and if they are really good I will give an extra couple of bucks…I just wish thwey wouldm make a “Tipping For Dummies” book, because there are some things where I don’t know if I am supposed to tip. Of course there are the obvious places & situations…but what about when you pick up an order to go? Do you tip? If so, do you tip less? Based on this… Do you tip lower than 20%? How much do you tip, and why? And for those that work in the service industry…besides nothing…what is the worst tip you have received? zHere are the texts we got:

I am a tow truck driver and i hardly ever get tips.people will tip someone who brings them a salad but not the guy that picks up thier broke down car.

Tipping is not a given, you don't just get a set amount from me. It starts at 15% and can go up or down based on how I am treated.

I dealt cards at a casino and got 5 dollars after giving the guy 1425

Bj, it's the large Asian pop. in both Seattle and San Fran. Tipping is not customary in most Asian countries

For really bad service, I tip a penny upside down. Chris

I worked for pizza hut I deliver and I once went to a house and he gave me a tip said come faster next time an slammed the door in my face

I am a dog groomer. I worked on a lady's stupid standard poodle for 4 hours and she tipped me a dollar.

The worst tip I received was a 1 cent casino voucher left on the table :(

I don't one needs a tip for doing there job.thats just dumb

I tip bartenders and baristas but not waiters. All they do is take your food from point A to point B. My only exeption is if they do something exceptional

This morning we had Genn Howerton from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia on the show…he plays Dennis on the show, and I am late to the Always Sunny party – I got hooked on it last season, but I absolutely love the show…it’s my favorite comedy. If you have not watched the show…last weeks episode was a perfect example of the absurdity of the show…you know a show has to rule when it involves braided hair getting ripped off a head from a amusement park ride…accidental angel dust smoking… a rum ham…oh yeah, and homeless dudes making love under the boardwalk…and all of that happened in the last episode! Still to this day I loved this moment from a few seasons ago when Roddy Piper was on the show, and the guys decided to become wrestlers…airbrush a six pack on their guts, and become a tag team called “the Birds Of War!”

Always Sunny is so awesome!!!!

This was one of the stranger emails we have received: seems like a lot of times when you have topics, someone mentions sleeping with their friend's sister, brother, mom, cousin, dad, etc. Here is a great topic for you guys: When have you hooked up with a friend’s family member? What happened when your friend found out?

Tom in Ballard

Based on Tom’s email… When have you hooked up with a friend’s family member? Who did you hook up with? How did you pull it off? What happened when your friend found out?

I poked my buddy's aunt after his moms funeral. It was a bit of a pity freebie, but she was hot, was consequently happy, and i got a high five from him for "helping her greive". Everybody wins

This is no b.s. One night at a halloween party my buddys sister got way to drunk and confessed that she always wanted to have a group of guys standing around her so she could jump around the circle giving oral favors. 5 of us decided to give her her wish. Her brother found out 2 weeks later but only found out 3 of the guys names. It resulted in a fist fight and never talking to those 3 again

I married my best friends cousin. He was cool with it, I just kept him outta the loop that she's super freaky

One of my good friends has hooked up w two of my cousins and one of my aunts.. I wish he had some decent looking family members.. Chris in Olympia

Hooked up with my buddy's aunt at his wedding. He laughing his ass off as he told me she had the herps.

I slept with my aunt in laws daughters, she is yet to find out, im sure she will hate me if she finds out

I hooked with my old best friends sister.. He wanted me to marry her.. Eff that, I was gettin some ass.. Yeah we aren't friends anymore.. -​Jarrod from monroe

john in tacoma... i partied with my buddy and his older sister. we hooked up afew times and started dating and had a kid together.... not together any more but her brothers been cool with it the whole time

Hooked up with a hot asian. Turned ou to be my buddies adopted sister. He was getting a midnight snack and found me leaving her room! He was like "what are u doing here?"

Today's Video Blog is another intern challenge. Our intern Hot Kyle has 60 seconds to get 3 men to kiss him on the cheek. Do you think he will do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

09/28/2011 4:23AM
STP's BLOG 09/28/11 "Birds Of War!"
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