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STP's BLOG 09/29/10 "Toppy & Tammy"

So we learned today that Topshelf had a Pony when he was a kid, her name was Tammy. I don’t know why, I just find the visual of a lil’ Topppy riding a pony around his backyard to be a funny one. I guess Tammy kicked Toppy’s mom one day & pissed her off & soon Tammy was gone. Toppy’s friends used to tease Toppy about the loss of Tammy saying that she is now glue, and that would make Toppy cry.

As I am writing what I wrote above, I feel like I am writing the beginning to a children’s book… “The Story of Toppy & Tammy.”  Here is the book cover:


This all came up because Toppy reported in sports that Real Quiet, a championship horse, is now dead. I asked probably the dumbest question of the day…do they still use horses to make glue? And if they do, would they take a champion horse & turn it into glue, but make it a high end glue since it comes from greatness? They could call it “Elmer’s Gold” or something like that.

We also learned that toppy played a violin as a kid, is it me or was Toppy living on the Little House On The Prairie? Between Horses & Violins, Topshelf’s last name must be Ingalls. OK, I really am getting old if I am making relates to Little House On The Prairie, quite possibly the most boring show to ever be successful on television. It’s sad when a Violin jam session at the end of the show would be the most exciting part of the program…that and when one of the Ingalls sisters set fire to the ranch and went blind or something.

The Deadliest Catch should call it a day. They are about to start Season 7, and it’s going to look a lot different as three captains aren’t returning, which means 2 boats won’t be back. Captains Jonathan & Andy Hillstrand are in the middle of being sued by the Discovery Channel over a spinoff show that they didn’t finish, so they decided to leave the Deadliest Catch, and in a show of solidarity….Sig Hansen from the Northwestern is leaving too. Both of these boats have been there for most of the Deadliest Catch’s run (Northwestern since season 1, and the Time Bandit since season 2). Not to mention with the loss of Captain Phil, who passed away…the heart & soul of this show is pretty much gone. I think the right thing to do is for the Deadliest Catch to call it a day.

KISS got snubbed again for the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame…last year they got nominated & didn’t get voted in & this year they didn’t even get nominated…might as well kick Gene & Paul in the balls. I don’t get how you can have a “Rock & Roll” Hall of Fame without KISS or RUSH in it, yet they aren’t….but Donavan & Donna Summers gets nominated. This hurts my brain.

So today was Intern Annabelle's last day...we are seriously going to miss her as she was a great intern! Not only was she great behind the scenes, but she also did some great interviews at events in the Northwest...if you missed my blog the other day I posted this best of reel that a listener named Mike's real cool, and a testament to the great work & entertainment that Annabelle provided.

Good luck Annabelle!!!

Today's Video Blog is Annabelle's farewell to the H-Holes & The Rock-A-Holics.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users.

09/29/2010 8:22AM
STP's BLOG 09/29/10 "Toppy & Tammy"
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09/29/2010 10:57AM
Carrie Sell
Truly, I am going to miss Annabelle. I'm sure we'll see her on TV! she has got a great career in front of her. Listening to her good bye made me shed a tear... Best Wishes Annabelle!
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