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STP's BLOG 10/19/11 "Russell Okung Rules!"

HUGE thanks to everyone that swung by Verizon Wireless at the Bellevue Square Mall yesterday…it was great hanging with everyone…hell, even BJ swung by!!! Russell Okung from the Hawks was there too, and without question, Russell is my new favorite Hawk…he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. Seriously, the dude is super cool. He’s a big fella too…makes sense since he’s on the Offensive Line…Here I am with Russell:


When Russell found out we were on the radio, he asked if he could come in and watch one morning...uhhh…hell yeah Russell, we would love to have you on the show! Let’s hope #76 joins us on the show.

Ladies & Gentlemen…here is the text of the day…it came in at 6:38:

Hey im a truck driver at the piers n seattle and i have a whore n my truck shes giving me **** now

I read this on air…and all I could think is that if the guy texted this, that means he was listening, which means that the whore was listening too (not talking, based on the text – waka waka)…so I had to say hi to her through the radio, “Hi Whore.”

Scientists, sound therapists, and an electronica band called Marconi Union have teamed up to create what they say is the most relaxing song ever written. It's called "Weightless," it's eight minutes long, and they say it's so good at making people fall asleep, that you should NOT listen to it in your car. Their studies found that it relaxed people even more than a MASSAGE. Here's the song…don’t fall asleep!

I’m sorry…do we really call this music? It’s more like sounds. You know when a band writes a cool song, the guy that came up with the riff will show it off to his band mates in excitement …what happened when Marconi Union came up with this gem…do you think he was like, he guys, check this out: booooooooooooooooooop…..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmp….deeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich turned down the chance to score a major motion picture. He tells Newsweek that Quentin Tarantino wrote the fight scenes in Kill Bill to Metallica’s songs “Enter Sandman” and “Sad But True,” and wanted Ulrich to score some original music for the movie. Lars turned it down saying he felt the script was, quote, “out of my realm of understanding.” So does he regret his chance to be part of film history? He says, quote, “it’s the single biggest mistake I’ve made in the creative department.” Metallica and Lou Reed’s new album, Lulu, is out on November 1st.

Lars Ulrich says turning down the chance to score the music to Kill Bill was the single biggest mistake he’s made in the creative department…what about you? Looking back on your life…What is the single biggest mistake you have made? Here are some of the texts we got:

Biggest mistake.. smoking away a college scholarship

Turning down a chance to go to nashville and record some music bcus of my controling u guys!

Dropping out of high school

Accepting peanut butter treats from my master signed lucy

turning down a job at a radio station in the bahamas. to go to college instead

Knocking up my best friends sister we were 19 at the time and she was 17

When i was 18 i turned down a job offer to work in alaska for three months with a buddy. I would have made 20k for three months work. I stayed for a girlfriend that dumped me one month later.

Not taking a month trip, fully paid for to Europe with my family because I didn't want to be around their cig smoke.

I knew this hot chick that wanted a 3some with me and and her best friend but she lied all the time so i said no then she sent me a pic hrs later of them in bed

Me getting out of navy. 4 more years could have retired at the age of 40. Thanks joe in port orchard

In September of 98 I had a chance to buy a small part of a company called google turned it down cause I thought it was a stupid idea.... FML!!

I passed up the chance for a 3some with a guy and his girlfriend, but it turned out that his girlfriend was a german shorthair!!!

I passed on a full scholarship to go to UCONN to play football because I wanted to take a year off from school. Ended up joining the army a 6 yrs later on

There's a lot of cool John Lennon memorabilia that you may wish you had the money to buy, but would you buy his tooth? The tooth is being auctioned off in England on November 5th. It's expected to command at least $16,000. John gave it to his housekeeper in the late '60s. He told her she could give it to her daughter "as a souvenir." Check out a pic of the tooth.


Seriously? I'd rather one of Ringo's pubes than that...ok, wait, let me re-think that. That is just crazy!

Based on this…what is the strangest “souvenir" that you own? What odd piece of memorabilia do you have?

A water bottle that peter steele drank from at a concert at the rock candy

Unfortunately I still have a that guy Ty signed buzz T-shirt. How can you get rid of that!

A piece of confetti from the 05 hawks championship game

strange keep sake is my sons braces 2 yrs 6 sergery's n 6000 later...a reminder of what he over came.. .....raro.....

I still have the titanium rod from breaking my leg 8 years ago

I have the original small hotel food menu, that Dave Mustaine wrote on, on the back of the menu, that he original fleshed out the song "Hanger 18" on. Horrible Handwriting lol

Most girls save the rose a guy gives them on the first date. My guy gave me a jar of peanut butter on our first date. I saved the the empty jar- lucy in Puyallup

I have the tip of my finger in a jar when I had it cut off in August, maybe I can sell it when I become famous!...sprinkler guy

A bloodstained floor board from kurt cobains house is one of the weirdest memorabilia I have.

still have my metro pass and receipts from my 9/11 day in NYC. Including airline boarding passes showing I was there. -​ Patt the graphic geek

I have a pair of Shannon Hoon's favorite socks that he used to wear. Ricky -​ Puyallup

I still have a pic of me doing it with a fellow female while in bootcamp

I have a used drum stick from the late great kieth moon. I also have some prop guts from gwar

Today's video blog features some graphic novels that BJ got in the mail from Chuck at Comic Evolution.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

10/19/2011 3:24AM
STP's BLOG 10/19/11 "Russell Okung Rules!"
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