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STP's BLOG 10/20/10 "Movie Props"

Oh the mighty have fallen…remember back in 2007 there was that kid by the name of Semaj Booker…he stole a car & led the Lakewood police on a chase, and the next day snuck on 2 flights without a boarding pass…and he was 9 years old!!!! Well he is back in the news…he is now 13 years old, and is back in trouble, as he was busted for stealing a Yo Yo, A Eff’ing Yo Yo? Wow how the mighty have fallen. At 9 he is stealing cars & sneaking on planes, and now he is stealing Yo Yo’s…looks like it’s time to hang up the jersey, Semaj.

Sad news for us 30 7 40 something’s that grew up on the TV show Happy Days. Tom Bosley, Mr. C. (Ritchie’s dad) passed away. First June Cleaver – Barbara Billingsly (Leave It To Beaver) – dies, and now Mr. Cunningham. That being said…being that celebs usually die in 3’s…who is next when it comes to TV dads…BJ guessed Dick Van Dyke, Toppy went with Dick Van Patten…I originally went with Ted Knight from Too Close For Comfort, but I guess he died in 1986 so he was out, then I was thinking both dads from My 2 Dads, but they are probably too young, so then I went with a long shot…Fred Flintstone. Possibly Fred dies on the job when a rock falls on him, and then Barney, being the good friend that he is, works some Big Love type magic and starts banging Wilma!

So the other night I posted a picture of a Delorean that I saw driving & thanks to all of the comments I got, I realized how many people LOVE that car because of Back To The Future.


So based on all of this we asked the all important question: What’s your favorite movie prop of all time? What is one prop from a movie that you would love to get your hands on?

Joe – General Lee

Lane – Wants to walk on the bridge of the Enterprise

Brian – the Pulse Rifle from Alien

Nick – Sniper Rifle from Navy Seals

Mike – the Batmobile

Mac – The gun from Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Shane -- Cricket Bat from Shaun Of the Dead

Scotty -- Dirk Digglers 12 Inch Prop

Tiffany & Angelica -- Freddy Kreugers Glove

Aaron -- Sam Jackson's Bad M***ER F***ER Wallet from Pulp Fiction.

DeeJay -- The bong saber from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

I would love to have Rocky's Original boxing shorts from the first movie..the black & gold one...if I could...i would want to wear those on my couch, with boxing gloves on & watch all of the Rocky films.

Today’s Video Blog features something dumb that the Rev did while in Hawaii.

Here is the same Vlog for you iPHONE users.

10/20/2010 6:02AM
STP's BLOG 10/20/10 "Movie Props"
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