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STP's BLOG 10/20/11 "Elephant...Yikes!"

Lesson learned…to be extra careful when walking around my house in the morning. I try to get around the house in the dark so that I don’t wake up the wife, but every so often I walk into things, slam my toe on the bed frame, etc…the other day, I walked out of the bathroom….back into the dark bedroom, and stepped on Lucy, my dog!!!!! I heard a yelp & it wasn’t a squeaky toy that I stepped on. Stupid dog, every other morning when I get up she stays in bed, but this time…she decides to lie down on the floor right by the door! Then again, as much as I love my pup, she isn’t playing with a full deck.

I got this text:

Steve a must watch on YouTube, search elephant fail!!!!!! It's hilarious

Here is the video…and I 100% agree…hilarious!

That doesn't look all that comfortable.

Speaking of we kleaned that Vicky B. is into being dominated, choked, tied up...etc...why did we learn this? All because of this story:

There's a new book out called "The Book of Kink: Sex Beyond the Missionary" that lists some of the world's strangest sexual fetishes. Here Are Seven Fetishes You Didn't Know About:

--Body inflation fetish is getting turned on by seeing yourself expand. People who have it enjoy wearing inflation devices under their clothing.

--Tamakeri is getting turned on by the special pain you feel after getting kicked in the package.

--If you get aroused by the thought of having sex with bread or raw dough, then you have a condition known as . . . yeastiality.

--Someone with emetophilia likes watching other people vomit.

--People who are into having sex with an armpit . . . have the fetish known as axillism.

--Eproctolagniacs are also known as flatulophiliacs. They like when people break wind in front of them.

--And finally, Frotteurism, which is attraction to rubbing up against non-consenting strangers.

Based on a story that lists 7 strange fetish’s that you probably never heard of…what is your “kink”? What strange thing turns you on? Here are the texts:

Bj, wife and i do the adult baby thing. We have a collection of related items, which include disposable diapers tailored to look like a classic pampers or huggies from the mid 1990s. Mostly the wife will dress up, and often leads to foreplay and sex. Plz, this fetish has NOTHING to do with children and is often miss associated.

My girl is my submissive. She loves for me to beat on her till she bleeds. She is also really into needle play. The last time we "played" we had 57 needles

I dated a girl who wanted me to break into her apartment and rape her......... that relationship ended shortly there after!

like to sleep with my girl and her sister, no they're not twins but they do look alot a like.

To watch 2 strainght guys get it on...Stella

i truely love showing off. i get off listening to the boys' reaction. Ttyl

I knew a guy who got turned on by women shaving their legs

I love amputee porn..

I love women with braces. I love women who are pregnant. And midgets. All my friends know about it and think I am nuts.

A couple times my husband got turned on by having me lick his eye ball. Not the lid, but the actual eye. It creeped me out, but I did it

So the Today show was taping their final hour here in Seattle…we sent our very own Hot Kyle down there…dressed as Green Man to get a report…huge thanks to KING5 for tweeting this pic of us, they Tweeted BJ saying that they think they noticed a friend of ours in the audience…haha!


Last Thursday, police in Fairview, Oregon solved a case that they'd been investigating for more than a month. Someone had been chopping down trees in Fairview Woods Park…about a dozen since the start of September. Police Chief Ken Johnson got a tip that two teenagers were in the park with an ax…he tracked them down, and they admitted to cutting down the others. According to them, they did it for the same reason teenagers do a lot of stupid stuff…because they were bored. They told the chief, "There's nothing better to do. It's better than drinking." Except it's not, really. Underage drinking would have been a misdemeanor, but at a cost of $10,000 per tree, the damage qualifies the kids for a charge of felony criminal mischief. Based on this, looking back…what dumb things you have done because you were bored? Here are the texts we got on this:

We use to make the dogs in our neighborhood chase us as kids and jump over the wall so it wouldn't bite us , I was the only one who didn't get bit, elise

Me and my gf of two weeks were watching space Odyssey and got so bored we decided to drive to Idaho to get married at the hitching post. No 3 day waiting!

I was stoned and bored so I hooked speaker wires through my braces and the speakers worked but it gave me a stutter for a couple day not the best of ideas

We used to drive around smashing mailboxes hanging out of a car window! turns out thats a federal offense- good thing we never got caught! that and homemade pipe bombs....

I put gas in a bucket of water and lit it om fire..duckman

"borrowed" neighbors car when i was 15, cops pulled me over two hours later and i spent the weekend in juvy. the keys were in it, how could i not!

My buddy and I both got pneumonia when we jumped into his pool in the middle of a snow storm

Used to sneak out and put condoms over peoples front doorknobs at nite

I blew up a hundred pounds of pizza dough up with a pipe bomb. I don't work at dominoes anymore. Love Chadd

Today's Video Blog features Duff McKagan...Duff is reading from his new book "It's So Easy -- And Other Lies" at the Neptune Theater tonight. Get tix at

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10/20/2011 3:09AM
STP's BLOG 10/20/11 "Elephant...Yikes!"
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