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STP's BLOG 10/24/11 "Goodbye Viaduct"

Did you catch the Today Show on Friday morning? Ok…why did I even ask…of course you didn’t! There was something worth watching, as it was day #2 that Kathy Lee & Hoda (yes there is a woman on the show named “Hoe-Dah”) were in Seattle, and our intern, Hot Kyle, was there making a scene behind them. It’s pretty funny to watch…here is the video:

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Props to Kyle for acting a fool in the Green Man outfit!



Hell…even our boss got an email from a friend of his, this is a great comment:

Since I am unemployed and have noting better to do, I love watching/making fun of Hoda and Kathy Lee on the Today show. I LOOOOOVE seeing your green dude in the KISW t-shirt!

He's the best part of the show. Seriously.

Atta boy Kyle…way to make the Today show something worth watching for a change!

On Saturday, demolition crews brought down the southern end of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Thousands of people from around the area had a chance to walk on the viaduct and take a memento home. Over the next few years the state and city will be building an underground deep bore tunnel and give the Seattle skyline a new face. Here is a piece that KOMO 4 did on the Viaduct going “bye bye”:

Based on the fact that many people were upset to see the end of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, so much so that thousands of people showed up on Saturday for the demolition…what is something that you miss that used to exist in Seattle? Also…What is something in Seattle that you would absolutely hate to see go? For me its RKCNDY…I loved going to shows there..that was the first place I saw a concert in Seattle (Bloodhound Gang & Nerf Herder)…I must have been at that place a few times a month (Modest Mouse, Harvey Danger, Murder City Devils, tons of other bands)!!! I alsop miss the old version of The Crocodile…don’t get me wrong, the new version is an awesome venue, but the old place has many fond memories for me! Here are some of the texts we got:

The Sonics.. r.I.p.

Don't take my gum wall!

Would hate to see Dicks or Red Mill burger go away.

I would hate to see kisw the rock go or leave seattle!! you guys rock bitches!! Nick from Everett

As a kid I loved seeing the pink toe truck off the mercer street exit

The Kingdome. I still remember singing the national anthem for Mariners games when I was a kid.

Alcohol at the strip clubs

I think we all have to agree that seeing the space needle go would have to be a sad sight.

I pretty much grew up in the mercer arena, now it's storage for the opera house...

Ed The Tuba Man

Seattle wouldn't be the same without Dicks! -Nichole

Twin teepees resteraunt right next to beths cafe. The resteraunt was shaped like 2 large teepees w a fire in the center! Great breakfast place!!!

El Corazon. What an awesome place tn see a show. I would move away if it went away.

They have already closed the biggest landmark that Seattle will ever have. You will be missed much lusty lady.

On our first date my wife and I saw that tubs was closed. Sne was as sad as I was. I knew she was the one

It sucked when they knocked down fun forest. It was a waste of space iguess but i spent a lot of summer days on those rides

I really miss single women with no kids. Hard to find in this state anymore.

I would hate to see the EMP go for the reason of music being a big part of my life and many others and the EMP is a great place to and learn about the past about music and play music and also learn about the instruments

The new biography on STEVE JOBS comes out today, but some of the revelations in the book have been leaking out before the release. Here are the 16 best ones.

1. If he hadn't started Apple, he would've become a poet. Apparently, if Apple hadn't worked out, Jobs was planning to move to PARIS to become a POET.

2. He gave up on religion at age 13. When Jobs was 13, he saw pictures in "Life" magazine of starving children in Africa. He asked his Sunday school teacher why God wasn't helping them. She couldn't answer, so he stopped going to church.

3. He tried pot and LSD. Jobs tried both drugs in high school and said that they were, "a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life."

4. Who had the biggest presence on his iPod? Apparently Jobs had FIFTEEN albums by BOB DYLAN on his iPod . . . and three from the cellist YO-YO MA.

--And while Jobs wasn't religious, he said that Yo-Yo Ma's music was the BEST CASE that God actually exists.

5. He only had one book on his iPad. It's called "Autobiography of a Yogi" and it's about a guy's spiritual quest for a guru. He read it every year since he was a teenager.

6. He believed his most irreplaceable employee was his head designer. One of the biggest reasons for Apple's success is the design of its products. So Jobs valued his head designer, JONATHAN IVE, more than any other employee.

7. He met his biological father before either of them knew they were related. Jobs was adopted, and used to go to a restaurant that his biological father managed in the '60s . . . but he didn't realize the manager was his father.

He found out later in life that the manager was his father, but he didn't try to forge a relationship with him because he, quote, "didn't trust him."

8. BILL CLINTON asked for his advice during the MONICA LEWINSKY scandal. Clinton and Jobs were friends, and Clinton asked for advice when the scandal broke.

--Jobs told him, "I don't know if you did it, but if so, you've got to tell the country." There was silence on the other end. Clearly, Clinton didn't listen.

9. He believed that Google's Android phone operating system was stolen. Jobs believed that Google's former CEO, ERIC SCHMIDT, stole the idea for the Android phone from Apple's iPhone operating system.

--He even told his biographer, "I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 BILLION in the bank, to right this wrong. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this."

10. He finally met with BILL GATES last year. Jobs had always wanted to have a sit-down with Gates, and they finally did last year. Jobs wasn't impressed, "Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think he's more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology. He'd be a broader guy if he'd dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram."

--But Gates wasn't exactly blown away by Jobs either, "He really never knew much about technology but had an amazing instinct for what works. [He's] fundamentally odd . . . weirdly flawed as a human being."

11. He hated how people mocked the iPad. Remember when Apple first unveiled the iPad, and everyone made tampon jokes about the name? That made Jobs DEPRESSED. Of course, then the thing sold like crazy.

12. He told PRESIDENT OBAMA he would only last one term. Jobs and Obama met in 2010, and Jobs continued his trend of giving it STRAIGHT and BRUTAL to presidents.

--He told Obama that he was looking at a one-term presidency, because the country's education system is corrupt and the country's laws are not friendly to business. But . . . he did offer to help with Obama's 2012 campaign.

13. He believed he'd "finally cracked" the secret to making a great television. So expect one of Apple's next "game changer" products to be a revolutionary TV.

14. He initially hated the idea of apps. It's impossible to imagine Apple products today without apps . . . but originally, Jobs HATED them.

--He felt like it would be way too hard to police other companies making apps. His board finally convinced him to change his mind . . . he did . . . and now apps have completely changed the way we use our phones.

15. He regretted not immediately having surgery after his cancer diagnosis. In 2004, when Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he tried holistic remedies instead of getting surgery. He ended up regretting that.

--He told his biographer, "I didn't want my body to be opened. I didn't want to be violated in that way."

16. He only had one request for his biography. Jobs promised he wouldn't micromanage any aspect of his biography, except one thing: a great COVER…here is the back & front cover:


Halloween's a week away, so the job search website posted a list of the top 'creepy-crawly careers' -- Meaning jobs that actually deal with insects and nastiness. Here are the top five.

1. Road Kill Removal Specialist. To pick up dead animals off the highway, you can get paid about $30,000 a year.

2. Pest Control Specialist. They kill bugs and other pests at homes and apartment buildings, and make just over $30,000 a year.

3. Forensic Entomologist. They use their knowledge of insects to help during criminal investigations.When the cops find a dead body, a forensic entomologist helps figure out the time of death, and whether the body was moved . . . by looking at the bugs that have been LIVING IN THE REMAINS. On average, they make about $48,000.

4. Arachnologist. If you're willing to work with SPIDERS every day, the average arachnologist makes over $61,000 a year.

5. Reptologist. They're biologists who specialize in the study of reptiles. Usually that means working at a zoo, but they also work at museums. And the average reptologist makes about $62,000 a year.

Based on this list of the top 5 “creepy crawly” jobs…what is the most messed up job that you ever had? What did you have to do? Here are the texts we got:

My worst job had to be working for wild waves on the clean up crew. Vomit of every size shape and color. 

I worked for Snohomish county solid waste division. We worked on the trash compactors and were constantly covered in garbage juice. All for $18.50 an hour.

Hey BJ..... I work for a pest control company. The job is ok, but you get to see how gross and nasty some people really are and how they live. So killing the bugs and rats are not that bad, just the nasty people and there living environments .

I spent a summer as a Lot Blizzard......$50 a head.......Jason

15 yrs old, wad s house maid at a Granada inn. One room had blood everywhere, a playpen for a child was left behind. A man came into the room and was nervous ... He only asked for a piece if paper, a perscription for drugs. Didn't wnt the play pen... I quit

The messed up part amout my job as a landscape gardener is all the animails I accidently weed wack as well as the dog poop. Come on people pick up that sh**! Thanks pangea joe

My current job is the worst. I have to deal with the cardboard box's of bj's sex swing and stripper pole. Mental anguish. Gman drew

I dig graves and business is good :) the t-town gravedigger

I used to work for this detox company were i would have to dispose parasites and worms after the detoxes were done

I cleaned bathrooms at county parks for 9 dollars an hour. Found used condoms, hypodermic needles, used tampons and tons of feces in non-toilet locations. Good thing it was just a summer job!


I worked as a grave digger. Some of the days we had to go pick up the stiffs from thier homes. i really sucked in the summer especially the fat ones who live in mobile homes. we only got paid $10 and hour.

Potty training 2 and 3 year olds. Cleaning not only the kids but their bathroom stalls was pretty nasty –mandi

Today's Video Blog features our intern, Hot Kyle, talking to the crowd at the Today Show taping in Seattle.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

10/24/2011 3:10AM
STP's BLOG 10/24/11 "Goodbye Viaduct"
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